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Working and Service Dogs – Training and Breeds

Working and Service Dogs – Training and Breeds

Different breeds of service dogs come in handy for physically, neurologically or mentally challenged individuals. These dogs are allowed in places, generally where dogs aren’t. Below mentioned are different kinds of service dogs:

Guide dogs
These are the most common type of guide dogs. They help people who are visually impaired and blind. Breeds that are generally trained to do so include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Lab/Golden hybrids. These dogs usually wear a special vest with a handle attached to it.

Hearing dogs
Hearing dogs are usually handled by deaf personnel. They are trained to recognize specific sounds such as alarms, doorbells, knock, phones and cars. When they hear such a noise they touch their human and assist them towards the sound. Labradors and Gold retrievers are usually selected as hearing dogs. Other breeds include cocker spaniels and miniature poodles.

Diabetic alert dogs
These dogs, also known as DAD’s can provide special assistance to diabetics. They are trained to smell changes related to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemic events that are not picked up by humans. Whenever these dogs sense such changes and alert their owner so before the sugar levels get dangerously high or low. When a diabetic is alerted by their dog about such a change, they take immediate action and inject insulin or take a diet rich in glucose to fix sugar levels.

Seizure response dogs
Seizure response dogs are trained to assist a person when they are experiencing seizures, instead of predicting seizures. They are trained to bark for help or press special alarms when a person is experiencing seizures. These dogs also remove a person from a dangerous place while they are experiencing seizures and bring medicine or a phone to the person who is coming out of seizures.

Autism support dogs
Autism support dogs play a huge role in assisting kids who have trouble going to school and connecting with their classmates. They improve the quality of life for these kids by helping them improve their social skills and contacts. They also become a source of comfort in stressful situations.

Allergy detection dogs
As food allergies are on the rise, allergy detection dogs play an important role in recognizing odor if different things including peanuts and gluten. They are often partnered with children to provide more independence to them and allow parents to worry a little less.

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