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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Winter Time Dog Myths Part II

Because the temperatures are low, it’s safe to leave the dog in the car. It’s not safe to leave a dog in the car unattended in hot weather, and it’s not okay in winter either. Some people reason that as long as the motor is on, the dog will not get too cold. However, leaving the motor running can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which is a big medical emergency in itself. To be safe, just take your dog wherever you are going and if that is not possible arrange for someone to take care of him at home and leave him behind.

Dogs don’t need a lot of water in winter. This is not true. Winter brings with it dry weather and dogs lose a lot of moisture through panting. Provide the dog with clean water by placing bowls of clean water around the house. He should especially have access to a lot of water before and after walks.

You don’t have to pick up after your dog in winter. Usually when you go for walks you carry extra bags and a hand sanitizer to pick up after your dog. This should happen in winter as well. Just because snow will cover up the waste does not mean it will go away. In fact, it will take longer for the waste to breakdown due to the cold weather. It’s courteous to pick up after your dog all year round and it also minimizes spread of disease from one dog to another.

Winter means no exercise for the dog because it’s too cold. This is dangerous because for as long as the dog is eating, he needs exercise too. Otherwise he is going to gain extra pounds that could lead to health problems. Take the dog outdoors for at least 30 minutes for walks or for ice sports. If you are not in a position to go outdoors, find alternatives indoors, such as tracking and agility exercises to keep his body fit and keep his mind occupied.

Winter kills all pests. Winter kills off most other pests but not ticks and fleas. Keep your dog flea and tick infestation check up to date. Ticks and fleas look for warm places to hide in winter, and your pet’s a good bet.

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