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Winter Time Dog Myths (Part 1)

It’s winter. Both human and canine have to keep warm to ward off diseases that come with this weather. As the skies turn from colourful autumn to gloomy winter, here are a few winter myths you need to be prepared for as a dog owner to give your pet maximum care.

Dogs are naturally covered from the cold in by their coats. This myth is not true, even for double-coated dogs that are adapted for the cold weather. Keep your dog indoors as long as possible and only let him out when it’s absolutely necessary. If you own a breed such as Alaskan Malamute and you live in an area where you need your dog for transport, provide your dog with access to clean and unfrozen water at all times to keep him hydrated. For the other dogs that don’t have a double coat, invest in doggie coats and sweaters to cover up if you are going to be outdoors for longer than one hour with the pet.

It is a myth that your dog does not need ice booties when going out for a stroll. Remember most salts used to melt ice are toxic to dogs. Use ice booties to protect the dog from licking these salts off his paws. Alternatively, make sure you rinse his paws after every stroll, which ends up being a lot of work as compared to just putting the booties on. In addition, ice booties don’t just protect your dog from licking toxic salts. They also protect the dog against jutting ice.

If your dog is excited about snow and wants to eat some of it, you should let him. This is a myth. Just because the place where the snow just fell looks sparkling clean does not mean the places is actually clean and safe for the dog. A lot of garbage could be hidden by the fresh snowfall, including toxic ice melting salts, which could lead to an emergency trip to the vet later in the day.

Ice sports are only ideal for large breeds. According to experts, this assumption is wrong. Any breed is ideal for ice sports such as skijoring. If you own a small dog that is dear to you, give him training and train together for the sport you have in mind and go have fun. Training is all he needs to excel in the sport.

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