Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Winter Safety Guides for Pets

Do you have a pet? And are you living in an area that attracts snowfall frequently? Well, this can pose major threats on your pet’s health. Taking care of your pet to protect them from the ruthless weather is important. Let us provide you with some safety tips that would ensure that your pet remains healthy and playful throughout the winter season! Follow through:

1. Beware of the comfy sleeping spaces in the vehicles:

During winters most outdoor pets and small wildlife creatures find it feasible and comfortable to sleep on thaw warm car engines and tire spaces. Before you start your car, make sure that you check the hood of the vehicle and also the tires in order to prevent serious injuries.

2. Arrange for uncalled situations:

During winters, specifically with excess rain or snowfall; arrange for a few extra blankets to keep your pet and yourself warm. You may feel like why would one stay in a car during such a weather, but you never know! You may be barred on abandoned roads due to road blockade and the blankets may come handy in such a time. Also, keep your pets kenneled and restrained with a safety harness whenever you are about to terrain on slippery roads.

3. Be wary of the toxins:

Your car radiators may begin to leak antifreeze liquid during winters. They may rather taste sweet and thus attract the animals, but can prove to be a hazard for them and can be fatal. Keep your pets out of the garage and away from the vehicles, especially during times when they would wander alone. Also, if you notice any kind of spills from your vehicles, make sure that you clean them at the earliest. The toxins are found in the sidewalk chemicals as well. Since the pets like eating snow, they can actually ingest the toxins one they get mixed with the snow. NEVER LET THE PETS EAT THE SNOW!

4. Protecting them from fire and flames:

Though winter is the time to sit near the fireplace and enjoy its warmth; you will have to make sure that this does not become something harmful for your pets. They may want to stay close to the fire and this can also lead to them catching fire and burning their furs and skin. Never leave them unattended.

5. Keep them off the ice:

The pets may find it enjoyable to walk over the thin ice or frozen lakes; and you may as well, but this may not be as enjoyable as it seems if the ice cracks. There are not many cases where an animal was taken out alive from such lakes. It is advisable to keep them in leashes and under proper surveillance.
With everything on point, don’t forget that you need to keep them exercising. Take your pets out on a small walk, play fetching games with them and set up a food puzzle for them in your backyards. These activities will keep them active during such a weather, also exercise will generate heat and thus keep them warm.
This shall be fun and healthy! Happy winters.

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