Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Winter Activities for Dogs

Winter Activities for Dogs

The winter months can be rough. Each and every person tends to go into hibernation mode to evade the cooler air of the winter season. Pause social activities, our energy levels tank, and motivation follow suit. For pup parents, the struggle can be even worse since our four-legged children still need to be entertained! Here is a list of pet-friendly indoor options to replace the park during the snowpocalypse.


The word doga means yoga with your dog. You and your dog can both can take benefits significantly from this mindfulness-based form of exercise. Everyone knows the benefits of yoga for humans. I.e., increased concentration, better sleep, more flexibility, and weight loss. But what about our four-legged friends?

Yoga can help dogs increase their circulation, decrease hyperactivity, and increase their bond with their human parents. Depending on the class and instructor, dogs also take part in yoga moves. Yoga moves can be devised based on your dog’s size and shape.

Bring Your Dog to Pet fashion show

Humans are not the only ones stealing the spotlight in fashion week. The animals are getting their big moment in the Pet Fashion Show.

Bring Your Dog to Musical freestyle

Musical freestyle is entertainment that combines dog obedience with dancing. It is a perfect tactic to display your dog’s talents, and the top party trick you will ever see. Routines are generally four to seven minutes long, and it is essential to pick a song you will not get sick of easily because you will hear it, A LOT. You can even sign up for competition!

Bring Your Dog to Pet-friendly Amusement Parks

Won’t you love to enjoy views of Cinderella’s Castle with your furry bestfriend? Unluckily, Disney bans pet admission to service dogs only, but there are several other amusement parks that you can bring your dog to! Even though many of these parks’ activities are outdoors, the majority of the parks are located in warmer climates! A few of our favorites:

  1. Knobles Amusement Resort
  2. Dinosaur World
  3. Tweetsie Railroad Park
  4. Flintstones Bedrock City

Do a photo shoot with your dog

While you already have 176,827,735 photos of your fur baby, an official photoshoot can add professional quality pictures to your photo albums.

You can go with the way of hiring a professional pet photographer, or you can get creative at home, can easily make an impressive backdrop by pinning or taping stuff to a wall. You can also make your dog to “smile” by doing some light workout before the photoshoot!

So when the weather outside is terrible, fret not and enjoy these winter fun activities with your hairy friend.

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