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Why Do Dogs Snore and What to do About It?

It’s annoying to have a partner that snores, but having a dog that snores? That’s worse. They can also be very loud when they snore. However, these loud snuffles can point to an underlying condition. Snoring usually is caused by an obstruction in your dog’s airways. Although it may be harmless, one must not ignore any signs that call for help.

Why Do Dogs Snore and What to do About It?

Reasons for snoring

Signs to not worry about

1. Short snout

Breeds with short or flat face structures are often more prone to snoring than the others. Brachycephalic, is a term used to describe the dogs that have a shorter snout. These dogs are prone to suffer from breathing complications. Breeds like pugs and Chihuahuas are apart of this category. However, they could also snore for the majority of their life without facing any health concerns. But research has shown how these dogs can face major struggles when it comes to breathing as they may not get enough oxygen supply. This problem can be corrected with surgery. So, if you have a brachycephalic pup, consult a doc who will provide the answers to the problems causing you to stress.

Why do Dogs Snore and What to do about it?

2. Allergies

If your pup suffers from seasonal allergies, snoring can be common during certain months. Allergies can lead to the production of extra mucus which can be the reason for snoring. It’s recommended to keep your pup indoors if they’re allergic to dust or pollen. It is also suggested that you wash their face and paws every time they step inside after spending time outside.
Consistent sneezing and watery eyes could indicate cold which may be causing the snoring. If their sneezing is getting worse day by day, yet they show no signs of abnormality, it’s still best to consult a professional.

3. Sleeping posture

Sleeping in a certain way could restrict your dog’s airways. You change the way your pup is sleeping by laying him on the side instead of his back. There are few things you could invest in which will help you ensure your doggie is getting good sleep. You could buy a pillow which will stay elevated when he sleeps. This will reduce the chances of him rolling back to his back.

When to worry?

1. Recently started snoring

We know our pup’s well and we can tell easily when something is not normal. If you notice that your pup has recently gone from being a silent sleeper to snoring all night long, it could be serious. There could be a mass obstruction somewhere which is restricting the flow of oxygen. It could be their nose, voice box, airways, or anywhere in the respiratory system. This could be a signal of an underlying major medical concern like lymph node or obstruction caused by a foreign object. Thus it’s better to call a vet than delaying it any future.

Why do Dogs Snore and What to do about it?

2. Weight

Obesity can be an important cause of your dog’s snoring. Being overweight could cause the fat to obstruct the passage of air and thus snoring becomes very common. Thus being healthy is now very important, this helps your pet live peacefully. It’s crucial for them to exercise and stay active.

3. Smoking

Smoking has a lot of side effects and their impact is not limited to humans only. They affect your dogs as well. Smoking can cause your dog to fall prey to various respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. If you’re an active smoker and have noticed your dog’s unusual snoring, you should get it checked by the doctor immediately. Keeping your house a smoke-free zone will be a small yet very necessary step one can take for the safety of their family members and beloved pets.

4. Restriction in nose

Our dogs go sniffing around so many things. Sometimes when they stick their nose in these places, something can get stuck. Snoring caused by these reasons can stop within a few days but if it doesn’t ignore the signs. It is said that if unexplained snoring persists for a long time, there’s a chance of a tumor or cyst. It’s for the best that these issues are noticed and brought to one’s awareness as soon as possible so that immediate actions can be taken for our dog’s safety.

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