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Why Do Dogs Chew?

I have personally lost many items to my Labrador. I like hanging my sheets out to dry when the sun is out and I would occasionally find them on the ground with my lab lying comfortably on one side and happily chewing the other end. But why do dogs like chewing so much?

Dogs chew to keep themselves entertained. When they are bored they resort to chewing as a form of distraction. All dog breeds like chewing, although some dog breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers chew more because they are retrievers.

Why Do Dogs Chew1

When a dog is feeling anxious he may resort to chewing as a way to calm his nerves. Chewing takes his mind off whatever is bothering him and allows him to focus on the activity at hand.

Sometimes, a dog that is left at a boarding facility experiences separation anxiety. If his sleeping area is made of things he can chew such as boards he might start chewing in a bid to escape.

You may have noticed that younger dogs are more destructive but as they grow older they leave things alone and don’t chew as much. When teething, puppies experience considerable pain and they chew anything they come into contact with to try and stop teething pain. Unfortunately for you that might be the high-end boots you just bought yourself as a treat.

Why Do Dogs Chew2

A dog that sees you as his buddy can snatch something and chew it just so that you can chase him and try to take it away from him. When you chase him and try to forcefully grab the item such as a shoe or a scarf, he sees it as attention and thinks you are playing with him.

Lack of a balanced diet can also cause a dog to chew things that are not food. He chews these things in a bid to try and make up for the nutrients he is not getting from the food you are feeding him. Chewing is normal dog behavior but it can be destructive if the dog is chewing your furniture or clothes.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

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