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Why Choose a Mobile Groomer

When it comes to dog grooming, there are two options to choose from. You can either take your dog to the salon or you can have a mobile groomer come to your place. I have a Japanese Spitz who has a brilliant white coat. I like to keep her coat clean at all times, so she gets groomed every so often. I have come to prefer the services of mobile groomers and after trying out several, I have a fixed schedule with one specific one who the dog likes. Here is why I prefer mobile grooming.

Because the groomer brings her business to you, your dog does not have to leave the environment he is used to. He does not have to adapt to a new environment at a salon, which means less anxiety and therefore he is calmer during the session.

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Mobile grooming is convenient. The groomer comes to your home, saving you the trouble of driving your dog to the salon. As the dog gets groomed you can be busy with other activities, which means mobile grooming saves you time.

Unlike in the salon were the groomer has to worry about other dogs, your pet gets the groomer’s full attention. This means if your dog is fussy, the groomer has more time to accommodate his needs. If you seek the services of the same groomer every time, she already knows your dog by name and all your dog’s specific needs, so she is able to customize her services to suit your dog, making the experience pleasant for the pet.

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Your dog is at a reduced risk of catching any diseases or even parasites from other dogs when he is groomed at home. In contrast it’s easy to catch diseases from other pets at the salon, where dogs from different owners go to get groomed.

Why Choose a Mobile Groomer

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