Why are Tires Appealing to Dogs?

Why are Tires Appealing to Dogs?

If you’ve ever taken your dog for a walk and noticed how their attention is immediately set on the tires of cars then, just know that they’re one hundred percent normal. Dogs and tires are an excellent match and while our human minds can’t depict why, dogs have excellent reason for it.

Dogs, in particular, are drawn towards the funny round objects that they can’t comprehend, and it’s all for good reason too. Here are a few reasons why dogs love tires:

1. Odors are one of dog’s favorite things. The scent of other dogs tends to attract them the most and that is what tires tend to have. The familiarities of the dogs that have walked by and peed on tend to act as a familiar spot and help to incline their attention towards the smell.

2. Dogs are territorial and need to claim the smell. Tires reeking of other dogs awaken their territorial aspect and later turn it into a fight for power. Dogs pee on tires to mark their territory and show that they have been there and no one else is allowed to follow suit.

3. Tires are at the nose height of other dogs and therefore provide the perfect angle to leave the mark. The vertical placement of tires plays as an ideal spot for dogs, much like bushes and plants.

Why are Tires Appealing to Dogs?

4. It’s not just about the smell of other dogs that entice your pup to be interested in tires; it’s also the range of other smells as well. As the car rolls around the city, the smell of garbage, food and so much more still lingers on. Dogs are often attracted to those smells.

5. For some dogs, it’s also a tactic to help it overcome the fear of tires. Tires are known to be quite scary in the dog world and once they see them outside, peeing on them refer to dominance. It is able to reclaim their space as alpha without any fear.

Why are Tires Appealing to Dogs?

6. Apart from trying to mark their territory, dogs tend to want to be part of a pack. This is done by adding their pee to tires that other dogs have peed on as well. This is able to help them be a part of the pack as well.

7. The smell of rubber is often said to be enticing to dogs which is why they are most attracted to the rubber in the tires. The smell seems like a much better way to ensure comfort and therefore marking the rubber as theirs.

8. One of the things that people do not realize about a dog’s love for tires is that they associate that with car rides. For most dogs, that is the most exciting part of the day which is why they tend to mark their territory and associate that with their next trip in the car. If you notice that your dog is peeing on the tire more than usual, it’s time to take them out for a spin.

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