What you Need to Do to Successfully Boundary Train your Dog

Sometimes, you won’t be home to restrain your dog. This might be indoors or outdoors, so some boundary training might help.

If possible, decide on the areas you want to be off limits to your dog before she comes home. It is easier for a dog to learn to stay off limits in a place she has never been than in one she has been before because you would be forcing her to unlearn what she already knows.

Basic obedience commands are a must

It’s also useful to boundary-train a dog that has basic obedience training. The dog should be able to obey ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, and ‘no’ commands because you will need to be able to control her during training. It would also help if the dog you are training is a puppy- it’s hard to train an old dog new tricks.

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Be consistent

For the training session indoors or outdoors, make sure you are always consistent. Be consistent in the commands you give, and in the training tools you use. For example, if the dog crosses to the off-limits area, reprimand her every time she does it. If she crosses over and you don’t say anything even once, she realizes that she can push you to get her way.

If she stays in the allowed areas, compliment and treat her to encourage the behavior. If you are using a certain type of barrier, especially for outdoor boundary training, make sure you use it every time, again for consistency and to avoid sending mixed messages to the dog.

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Avoid distractions

Your dog is likely to maintain the trained behavior if she is not distracted or excited. If you are training indoors and she sees a favorite toy on the side she is not allowed, she might be tempted to go and fetch it. If outdoors, traffic, kids and other dogs might distract her. Try to keep the training session as free from distractions as possible.

Keep at it

Keep training your dog in boundary training until you feel she has mastered where she should and should not be indoors and outdoors. This way, you can rest assured that when you are not home, your dog won’t wander into the streets or sneak into a restricted room where she might get harmed.

What you Need to Do to Successfully Boundary Train your Dog

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