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What are the Benefits of Raw Feeding for a Dog?

What are the Benefits of Raw Feeding for a Dog?

Whether you are getting a new puppy, adopting a rescue dog, or simply want to give your existing family dog a better lifestyle, there are many reasons why diet is important. Your dog’s diet has a huge effect on almost every other aspect of his life, so feeding the right type of foods is crucial. But, for pet parents, there are so many different dog food options to choose from that it can be easy to get confused. You might have heard about some of the benefits of raw dog food, perhaps from other dog owners in your life, and are wondering if it might be worthwhile making the switch for your own dog. We’ve put together some of the main benefits that you and your dog can enjoy when you switch them over to a raw food diet.

It’s Convenient:

First of all, let’s debunk the myth that feeding your dog a raw food diet has to be messy and a lot of work. If you’ve been putting off feeding raw simply because you can’t see your fridge filled with raw meat for the dog, then the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If it’s convenience that you are looking for, then look no further than Bella and Duke. They provide pre-prepared, pre-packaged raw meals that you can simply feed to your dog without any mess or fuss, with no need for you to spend hours making sure that you’re crafting meals with all the right nutrients. You can easily buy in bulk and freeze the food for later, making it a really convenient option for any pet parent. And, Bella and Duke also have a wide range of guides, including this one: This guide on raw dog food should make the transition easier.

Better Digestion:

Feeding your dog a raw food diet often leads to better digestion, which is more beneficial for both you and your doggy. If you’re tired of picking up messy poops at the park, the good news is that a raw diet often leads to firmer poops, making those pick-ups on walkies a lot easier. And, since raw food tends to improve overall digestion, you will often find that your dog will not be as gassy. If your dog is quite a gassy boy and is often leaving stenches around your home due to digestive discomfort after eating, you will typically find that this problem is very much reduced after making the switch to raw.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms:

Did you know that corn and wheat are among the top food allergens for dogs, but they tend to be in most processed dog food brands? Feeding a raw diet eliminates these ingredients from your dog’s diet completely, meaning that if your dog has been suffering from any of the common symptoms of food allergies, you’re likely to see a big improvement in these symptoms just from the change in diet. Allergies, as you may well know, can lead to all kinds of issues like itchiness and flaky skin – switch to raw, and you may find that your dog is no longer in as much discomfort and you are spending less time at the vet. A raw food diet might be especially helpful if your dog’s breed is more prone to allergies than others.

Improved Coat:

Have you ever noticed how wild dogs always seem to have gorgeous coats, even though they’ve definitely never visited a groomer? If you are tired of constantly brushing, bathing, and taking your dog to the groomer only for their coat to remain lifeless and dull, it could be simply down to what’s happening from the inside out. Switching to a raw dog food diet ensures that your dog’s full range of dietary needs is taken care of, including improved skin and coat condition. They will be getting all the nutrients that they need from the food without any carb-heavy fillers, and it’s going to show up on their coat with a natural, healthy shine.

Better Teeth and Breath:

If you can’t give your dog a kiss without the smell of their breath knocking you out, it might be time to consider switching over to a raw food diet. While your dog’s teeth might never look like they’ve just had them whitened, you will definitely notice an improvement in them when you feed raw compared to feeding commercial dog food brands. In addition, your dog is more likely to have improved gum health, less risk of dental problems, and diseases, and their breath will be a lot fresher.

Improved Immune System:

If your dog always seems to be catching one illness or another and you feel like you’re at the vet every other week with a new issue, it might be down to their diet. Kibble and other commercial dog food options do not always provide your dog with the range of nutrients that they need to keep their immune system in the best condition. Eating raw food on a frequent basis seems to provide wild dogs and wolves with everything that they need to stay healthy even when living in the wild, and it appears that the same is true for their domesticated cousins too. Raw dog food is packed full of fatty acids and other nutrients that will start giving your dog’s immune system a boost from the word go.

Better Energy:

Have you noticed that your dog is not as energetic as they used to be? Perhaps you have gotten worried that they don’t seem to have the appropriate amount of energy for their breed and age. If you have taken your dog to the vet, and there are no underlying health conditions to be concerned about, it may well be your dog’s diet that is causing this sluggishness. Switching to raw feeding can give your dog a huge energy boost and you might notice them start to act like themselves once again. It can even help to give older dogs a little push to get more active.

Healthier Aging:

Talking of older dogs, if your dog is getting on in life, then switching to a raw food diet can help them age more gracefully and with better health. The older – and fatter – your dog gets, the more prone he will be to issues like arthritis and diabetes, which can cause a whole host of extra health problems to deal with. Feeding a raw food diet will help to minimise the possibility of your dog getting blood sugar spikes, which in turn can greatly reduce their risk of developing inflammatory conditions. This, along with a boosted immune system, can greatly help your dog stay in better condition as they age.

Improved Physique:

Finally, if you are worried that your dog weighs too much or too little, a raw food diet can help to sort out their weight issues. Since raw food tends to keep your dog fuller for longer compared to kibble, it’s a good choice for any dogs who are overweight and need to slim down.

So, as you can see there are many benefits of switching your dog to a raw food diet – and making the transition is easier than ever.

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