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Ways to Show your Dog Who’s in Charge

Dogs, just like humans, have unique personalities and temperaments. Some dogs are okay with being led while others prefer to lead. If you have a domineering dog in your house you might have noticed that he lets his presence be felt, whether he is the only dog in the house or there are others. If there are others, he might try to bully them into submission and if he is the only one in the house, he will challenge you in multiple ways.

Dogs are pack animals and as such they have a hierarchy where the alpha dog is the leader, the beta is next after the alpha while the omega is at the bottom. In your house you must be the pack leader otherwise there will be all sorts of problems if you let your dog domineer you. No matter how alpha he feels towards other dogs, he should know that in your house you are the alpha.

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Earn his stay.

One way to let him know who is in charge is to ensure that he never gets anything for free. When he demands to play with you, make him sit first before you can play with him. He must behave a certain way for example you can tell him to stay before you feed him. When you are giving him these commands be decisive and firm about it, or he will read your energy and sense faltering which he will interpret as weakness.

Reward positive behavior.

When your dog displays positive behavior, reward him. For instance if you told him to sit before feeding him and he obeys, go ahead and feed him. Negative behavior on the other hand should be ignored.

Reward positive behavior

Don’t let him dominate you.

Signs that your dog is trying to dominate you include standing on alert with his tail up, growling at you or making eye contact. If he is in your way don’t go around him. Instead, make him move out ofthe way or go over him. When you notice your dog is challenging your position, you can take him for walks where you lead the way and he follows on the leash. When walking out of the door or gate, don’t let him walk out first ever. Walk out first as he follows. In the wild, the pack leader leads and others follow. By always being in the lead you will reinforce your position as pack leader and earn your dog’s respect.

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