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Ways to Spoil your Dog for the Holidays

The holidays are here with us, a time to spend fun times with family members, and that includes furry family members. It’s a time to indulge and worry about the weight gain later. As part of the family, and considering that most of us are off work during the festive seasons, plan to include your dog in all the fun. Here are a few things you can do for your dog as a special treat.

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If you normally hire someone to take your dog for walks, take advantage of this season and take your dog for walks yourself. If you usually take him for walks, take him for a drive instead, and don’t forget to roll down the car windows to avoid overheating. Alternatively, you can take him for walks on a trail that you have both never been to for the sake of exploration.

Start saving up for a special toy for your dog. After all, what are holidays without a gift? You can hand it over to him as the rest of the family is getting theirs so that he can feel he is part of the family. Pet Qwerks Babble Balls, Flavorit® Bones are great stocking stuffer for your furry best friend.

Don’t forget the treats. Dogs enjoy Turkey too, so save a piece for him on Thanksgiving, and all the meaty treats during this festive season. You can also buy him a different dog biscuit brand from what he is used to, even if that means using more money to get the treats. Everyone is getting to taste what they normally can’t, and so should the dog.

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Give your dog a bath and trim his fur to make him look and feel pretty. Enlist the services of a professional groomer for an extra special treat. You can even go a step further and ask the groomer to give the dog a different style from what he usually gets, just to make him feel loved.

A great festive bandana would be great for the cold weather as well. A jacket, a shirt and shoes will always help make them feel warm.

Spare a day where you spend the whole day with your pet. Take him everywhere you go, as long as the place does not have a ‘no pet’ policy. Alternatively, just spend the day indoors especially if it’s cold- just light a fire and cuddle in front of the TV.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! – From Pet Qwerks Team

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Ways to Spoil your Dog for the Holidays

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