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Ways to Prevent your Dog from Overheating in the Car

Ways to Prevent your Dog from Overheating in the Car

A parked car gets heated quickly, make sure you never leave your dog in it. When there is heat, even a car parked under shade will heat up astoundingly. So, in the instances that you are traveling in the car with your dog, following are some points that you should abide by so as to keep your pet cooled down.

1. Be with your Pet-baby ALL THE TIME

Instead of regretting every time you leave your pet in a car during a hot day, it is better to be with them all the time. In times that you cannot be with your dog, then make sure that you leave it supervised by someone else. And take measures to turn down the heat.

2. Maintain proper Ventilation

The car should be properly ventilated, and its temperature should be cold. Position the dog near an open window or near the (functioning) air conditioner vent. Take immediate measures if you feel that the car is getting hot because your pet might be discomfited already.

3. Focus on Hydrating Them

You should always keep your dog hydrated as it tends to cool them down faster. Carry a cool water bottle and a container for the dog to drink from. You can also sprinkle cool water on your pet-dog to release their heat.

4. Avoid over-hydrating

Over-hydration will lead to vomiting which then would make your dog dehydrated. A dehydrated pet is vulnerable to heating up faster. Use coconut water to hydrate pets as it has a good blend of electrolytes and is more natural and safe.

5. Use Sun-savers

You can provide your pet with calm comfort by installing appropriate sun savers in your car. You can shop around for different kinds of sun-savers to help filter the sun rays coming into the car. These sun saver screens can benefit you hugely when it comes to cooling down the temperature of the car.

6. Use Fans

Installing the right fan can be amazing for the whole ventilation in your car. It will prevent your dog from heating up. Make sure you either have a functioning fan system in the car and if not then you can install an additional fan that supplements the car’s own fan system.

7. Buy some cooling pads

If you are taking long trips with your dog in the back seat then you should purchase a cooling pad, your pet will thank you for it!

8. Get some cooling collars as well!

As an extra precaution, you can get cooling collars or bandanas for your pet-dog if you think your car can get really hot.

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