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Ways to Keep Your Dogs Festive For Halloween

Halloween will be here soon, and surely you have already laid out your costumes to wear for the day with just finishing touches. Halloween is one of those holidays that almost everyone celebrates. This is usually because this celebration is not done for any religious reasons, but for the sole purpose of having a good time.

Halloween actually is derived from the Celtic practice of lighting lanterns at the end of October. The Celts, 2000 years, ago would consider the end of October as the end of summer and start of winter, which was considered the season of death. The people would assume that ghosts of the dead would rise up and destroy their crops and vegetation. Though this practice has now long been let go of, people around the world like to celebrate it just for the sake of it.

Now Halloween is more a show of who can wear the scariest costumes, or who can get their outfit to be closest resemblance to their favorite superhero or entertainment characters. We plan dresses for the kids to go trick or treating, outfits for ourselves, and our pets. People especially love to dress their dogs either in costumes that coordinate with theirs or costumes that are typical to a certain profession or character. Also, since you cannot feed them candy, why not go to Pet Qwerks and get them a dog chew toy?

Picking out the perfect costume does not have to be problematic. Following are some of the options that you can use:

Wonder Woman

Thanks to the 2017 movie, Wonder Woman has slowly become a favorite superhero. This is why, to celebrate the brilliant movie, why not dress your dog in resemblance to the beloved superhero? This wonder woman costume comes equipped with a cape that has the superhero logo on it, along with the infamous headband. Dress up your little superhero to look their best!

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the beloved Hollywood films of all time. This film is not only endearing, but it has also given us dozens of costume ideas that we and the children have been employing for years. Now thanks to Amazon you can now dress your furry friend as the main character “Dorothy”. It has it all. The pigtails, the iconic red shoes, you will see your childhood fantasy coming true with this costume.

Star Wars Princess Leia

Princess Leia is the most iconic and beloved characters of the star wars series. She has been through hell and back during the duration of the series and so deserves to be given tribute through such a sweet gesture. The white robe that Leia wore in the start, along with the gold bikini, has become symbolic with the movie. And that is exactly why you need to get this costume for your dog, pronto! It is a good thing that it comes with the famous headpiece that Princess Leia was known to wear.

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