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Ways to Keep your Dog Happy

Ways to Keep your Dog Happy

Dogs are recognized for their affection, loyalty, and devotion to their owners. However, owning a dog is also proven to improve your health, boost your confidence and increase your happiness.

As a dog parent, the steps I follow to make perfections in my life often involve my puppy. Here are the several different things I do to keep him happy and healthy often beneficial for me in the same way, and it helps to have a companion to stay motivated. Our dogs deserve appreciation for all that they do.

Read on to find out several different ways to share the love and keep your canine companion at the top of their game.

Play with Your Pooch

Do exercise on a daily basis because it is as essential for dogs as it is for a human. Looking for activities that you can both enjoy although getting your blood pumping. Throw a frisbee around, take your dog for a strap or swim on your rollerblades if your dog likes to love a good run.

Veterinarians recommend that quality exercise, taking your dog for at least 20-minute walks per day. Even though, this is just a recommendation. Dogs who are bigger and have extra energy might need longer walks, and some dogs might be feeling fine with only one walk a day. See what workings perfectly for you and your dog.

If your schedule does not allow for enough activity time, hire a professional dog walker to spend some time with your canine.

Take Your Dog to a Groomer

Dogs take benefits from on routine baths, coat brushing, nail trimming, and haircuts if they are a breed with steadily growing hair. They might not enjoy having these grooming things done, but they are assured to feel better afterward.

Furthermore, if your pet has ticks or fleas, get these treated as soon as possible either at home or professionally.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is also essential grooming task. It avoids ear infections and mites, which can lead to hearing loss if left untreated.

Socialize Your Dog

Socializing with several different individuals and various other animals helps to naturally lower your canine stress hormones, making them less fearful and aggressive. Well-socialized dogs often become more accepting of rare or new situations, such as going to the vet. They look forward to outings and seeing different places, and grooming usually goes smoothly with a calmer dog. Try taking your canine to a dog park, or visit friends who also have dogs. They might surprise you and get along well together.

Spending time with you and several other human family members is one of the perfect ways for your canine companion to get social time. Set aside some one-on-one time each and every day to give your best buddy some love.

Exercise Their Brainpower

You can buy different toys that are designed to challenge your dog’s brain. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to make fun games for your dog. Try to follow some of these easy ideas:

1. Fill the dishes of an old muffin baking tin with items like Babble Balls or other chewable toys and let your dog determine how to get them all loose.

2. Hide their favorite treats around your home or yard for a tasty round of sniff-and-go-seek.

3. Set up agility parks with everyday items in your house.

4. Tie a string onto the end of a long stick, then a toy or object on the end of the string. Hang the item in front of your dog, varying how fast and slow you move it around to keep the game interesting.

Keep Your Dog Safe during Extreme Weather

It might not be immediately apparent, but pooches can suffer in cold or hot temperature extremes. Remember to take additional care at these times.

Fur often is not enough to keep dogs warm in cold spells. They need more layers along with protection from skin damage and other winter hazards.

Extreme heat can also be risky for dogs. They do not sweat to cool themselves as humans do so that they can be at risk to heat stroke. Evade taking your dog out in the hottest times of the day, and make sure they always have enough water and shade.

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