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Ways to Help Your Dog with Mobility Issues

Ways to Help Your Dog with Mobility Issues

Mobility issues are prevalent in a dog’s lifetime. They can happen due to numerous factors in both older and younger dogs.

Physical trauma, birth discrepancies, neurological issues, injuries etc., are some of the various factors that can contribute towards causing mobility issues in a dog.

A dog may also face various symptoms out of mobility issues. It may lack interest in doing any physical activity, develop a lethargic and mundane lifestyle and constant pain in its bones and limbs, and face many other problems.

In older dogs, the most common cause of mobility issues is arthritis. Spinal injuries can also lead to back pains and problems. Strokes or consumption of poison can lead to neurological problems, leading to mobility issues. Tumors may also develop in younger dogs that can cause mobility issues.

Since mobility issues can arise at any age in a dog, it is important to get the dogs consulted to good veterinarians at regular intervals of time.

Here are some ways to help your dogs with mobility issues:

1. Mobility issues arise in dogs at different ages, due to different reasons. It is very important to identify the age of a dog before trying to look for any activity that can help the dog overcome mobility problems. Older dogs may be suffering from issues like arthritis, that require immediate medical attention and supervision. Younger dogs may develop mobility issues due to meagre factors, such as lack of movement or inactivity, which can be simply resolved, without any constant medical supervision.

2. The placement of furniture and other objects in the house should be in such a way that it doesn’t cause any hindrance in the movement of the dog. It should have access to free movement, without facing any obstacle or getting hurt. Objects that can help a dog to hold onto and practise their grip, can be placed in the house.

3. Regular exercise that includes short walks in a park or small movements of their limbs, is very common for dogs so that their muscles do not get sore or stiff. They should have a fixed routine that involves exercise, a little play time and movements like jumping and running, in shorter distances.

4. Spending time with dogs can result in a very good solution for helping them overcome mobility issues. Scratching them on the backs, cuddling with them, giving them toys or food items that dogs chew on, and rubbing their bellies are some of the many interactions one can have with one’s dogs so that they do not feel isolated, despite their mobility issues.

5. If dogs are completely restricted to have any sort of movement by their vets and are not allowed to spend time outdoors, playing in the sun, interesting, playful dog toys should be bought for them that keep them entertained for a long period of time. Dog toys like balls are also a great object for promoting and encouraging dogs to exercise.
Some available option for interesting, interactive dog-toys, available in the market, are:

6. A dog wheelchair can be bought for dogs facing excessive and severe mobility issues. To curb their boredom, they can also be taken for occasional car rides.


It is important for owners to show the same love and affection to their dogs that they receive from them. It is important to keep their health at priority and give them the medication and supervision they require, without any delay.

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