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How to Wash the Dog’s Bed for Perfect Hygiene

How to Wash the Dog's Bed for Perfect Hygiene

Hygiene in general when we have pets at home is essential for us to live with them away from bacteria and dust that they usually bring from outside. Apart from cleaning the house well, our animals’ toys and utensils should also be cleaned so that we are going to focus now on how to wash the dog’s bed for perfect hygiene from a series of really simple steps.

How to wash the pooch’s bed perfectly? Let’s start by saying that when we schedule the purchase of this product, it is always better to prefer models that can be disassembled. In fact, the cover is easier to wash if it can be separated from the padding, which should be treated differently. Let’s see how to proceed.

1. If you have a dog bed in which you can separate the padding from the cover, the situation is easy to handle, and cleaning will involve only two parts. First, make a mixture of hot water, with a measuring cup of disinfectant detergent and a cup of normal detergent.
2. Mix the water to dissolve the two products well and immerse the fabric cover, taking care to remove any trace of the dog’s hair with an adhesive roller. This operation is essential for proper and thorough cleaning. After that, we let the cover soak for two hours, allowing the disinfectant additive and washing soap to act.
3. After this time, we can rinse the cover well and eventually, if the smell of detergents is too strong, something that your dog probably does not like, we can leave the fabric immersed in warm water and baking soda for another half hour, then we take it out of the water and drain, then we have to dry the cover in the sun and in the air.
4. As for the padding, which is usually made of foam rubber, we limit washing to a minimum because we run the risk of ruining it. Instead, what we can do is leave it in the air for a few hours, turning it on both sides, to remove any internal moisture, but also naturally disinfect with a specific product that you can find without problem in pet stores.
5. If the dog bed cannot be disassembled, the only option we have is to repeat the steps that we have mentioned for the cover, but taking special care when rinsing, since the rinse should be deeper and above all, we have to pay close attention to dry perfectly before making it available to our animal. If moisture persists, there is a risk that mold will form.
6. Another option is to try a dry cleaning, with one of the disinfectant sprays that we have mentioned, and brush the bed well, then pass the vacuum cleaner.

With these simple steps you will ensure that the dog’s bed is clean and also smells good, but the essential thing to keep dirt and bacteria away is that you perform this type of cleaning every month.

Why Do You Need To Clean The Dog Bed?

Dogs are domestic animals that spend much of the day indoors lying down, either sleeping, resting or eating. This makes the odors and dirt off your dog beds strong and intense and you have to carry out deep cleaning of your belongings frequently, at least once a week.

Dirty dog beds create discomfort in the home, because of the number of odors they give off. In addition, dog beds are constantly in contact with the ground, with the hair, the drool, the droppings, with the dirt that the street animal has … this makes it a pump of germs and bacteria that can cause serious diseases.

For this reason, we must be responsible for having animals inside the house and maintaining strict hygiene in dog beds and all their belongings.

Another Few Steps for Cleaning the Bed:

1. It is very important to wash it at least once a week, it is very important to have the dog clean and neat as well as their belongings.
2. The dogs’ bed is usually made of foam and cloth, easy to remove and wash. For this reason, we have no excuse for not keeping it clean.
3. The first thing we have to do to clean it is to remove the cover and separate all its parts. Most have zippers or Velcro that allow it to be done quickly and easily.
4. On the one hand, we will wash the bed covers and on the other the mattress foam
5. Next, we will remove the dog’s hair, a rather heavy task since they are difficult to remove. For this, we will use a vacuum cleaner or a special roller to remove animal hair.
6. When we have removed all the hairs, we will clean the most resistant strains. Depending on the type of fabric of the bed cover we will use some or other cleaning products.
7. After rubbing the stains we will wash the cover in the washing machine. We will use hot water to disinfect it and mild detergent, no smell.
8. The next step will be to clean the foam of the bed. We can put it in the washing machine at medium temperature and in a short wash with mild detergent. If it is chopped into pieces, we must introduce 2 or 3 tennis balls in the washing machine so that the foam is not caked.
9. The other option is to wash it by hand, introducing it in a bucket with hot water and mild detergent. You have to leave it long enough for it to release all the dirt and clean it well. It is recommended to perform this operation 2 or 3 times until it is clear and leave it well disinfected. We must rub with our hands, never with a brush since we can damage the foam.

Final Words:

If the dog’s bed has more accessories such as a blanket, a toy, clothes for sleeping … you must clean everything with the same precision as dog beds. And disinfect all your belongings from germs and bacteria. The simplest is to put all your belongings in the washing machine with hot water in a short wash. In this way, the dog beds will be in perfect condition to be at home and not give off bad smells and dirt.

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