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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Training Tips for Cats

Offer them some Dog Chews and your pooch would most likely be ready to learn. With cats, things can be different. In fact, most cat owners think that cats can’t ever be trained! While this myth might have come alive because cats don’t take well to the use of methods used to train dogs, it is still just a myth!

So, how can you train your cat? Well, for starters, you will have to understand what they are really like. As is clear to any cat owner, cats aren’t as gregarious as their canine counterparts can be. The reason for that being that unlike dogs, cats weren’t specifically bred to assist humans in hunting and protecting. That’s why cats prefer to hunt on their own, remaining independent.

If you want to train your cat, you will need to purchase some really special treats that are your cat’s favorite. Once you have the feline’s equivalent of Flavorit Bones, you are going to need three other important things. One, you will need to be creative, if you expect your cat to learn. Patience is the second important ingredient in cat training. The third and final thing you’d need is a clicker. Available for just a couple bucks a piece, these tools can be used to provide your cat with positive reinforcement.

When your cat achieves something or exhibits good behavior, use the clicker. Then reward them with a treat. This will reinforce the concept that treats follow a click. Since the click follows good behavior, your cat must behave well to get a treat!

Bell Ringing

You can use the clicker to get your cat to learn all kinds of good behavior. For instance, train them to ring a bell to get your attention, instead of meowing, scratching, etc. Hang small bell with a string to ring it at your cat’s eye level. Whenever they use any other method to communicate or get your attention, ignore them. Eventually, they will ring the bell after which they should be rewarded with a click and then treat!

High Fiving

With some incentive, a little love, and lots of love, you can even train your cat to give you high fives! If you have already taught your cat to sit up, you will soon realize that training them to high five is similar to that method. If you haven’t, it is quite easy to follow. Hold the treat at a height that your cat won’t be able to reach without sitting up.

Every time your cat sits up to get the treat, touch her paw, and say High Five! Then give your cat their treat. From high fives and sitting up, your cat can master doing handshakes and goodbye waves.

So, your cat may not be a big fan of Babble Balls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn new behaviors. Just keep practicing and be consistent with the clicker and treats. As they become familiar with the routine of teaching, your cat will soon start performing dog-like tricks!


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