Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Top Quick – Wins to Boost Dog Training

Top Quick - Wins to Boost Dog Training

1. Choose your dog’s name smartly and be sure to use it respectfully. Giving your dog a name early on helps you greatly throughout their training session. Say their name loud and clear for the first few times and treat them when they respond to it. A name that ends with a consonant perks up your puppy’s ears and makes them respond to you quickly. Try to associate their name with fun stuff and pleasant things.

2. Decide on the important house rules. Decide if they are allowed on the bed and furniture. Is there a certain area in the house where they are not allowed to go? Where are they supposed to have food? Deciding on these things removes confusions and helps you train them more efficiently.

3. Reserve a private area for your dog where they can sleep, eat and hang out when you are not there to entertain them. Treat them when they have spent some relaxed and quite time in the den. Reserving such a place in a carte will help you further while you house train them.

4. Create a welcoming and comfortable environment when they come home. Remember you and your house is a new and strange place for them. So when they come home, give them warm water bottle, put food near their crate and keep a blanket to keep them warm.

5. Teach them to respond and come when called. This must be mastered early on and since they would be coming to you, your alpha status would be restored. Teach them to come to you when you call out their name and make a big deal out of it when they do. Reward them with their favorite treat. Keep reinforcing it until they get used to it and then try calling them out when they are busy as well.

6. Always make it a point to reward their good behavior. Use treats, toys like BarkBones and a happy response to appreciate them. Show them that you love them for being a good dog and listening to you or following instructions. Make sure you never reward bad behavior. It will only confuse them.

7. Puppies usually like to jump on you to meet you. Don’t punish them and try to ignore them till they calm down and settle. Try to not encourage their jumping behavior by patting and praising when your dog is in the jumping position. Try to turn your back on them and ignore them while they continue to do that.

8. Discourage them from biting and nipping. Don’t scold them particularly and try to show them that you are in great pain when they do. This would work with your dog because they don’t want to see you hurt.

9. End training session a positive note. Always praise them and call out to them saying “GOOD JOB JACK!” Pat them and treat them after a training session to make them feel special.

10. Teach them to respond to complex commands such us fetch, sit, and get that in order to stimulate their brain.

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