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Top Pet Photography Tips

Top Pet Photography Tips

Snapping your pet’s photographs can become a tricky job real quick. To capture memorable photos of your pet, the basic technique depends upon the composition, focus and exposure. Besides this, it might also get a little difficult for you to snap a picture of your pet if they don’t stay still or in one place at the least. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking photos of your pet.

1. Give your dog a bone to play with to take their attention off of camera. They may just chew on it or play around and not look at the camera at all, but this gives you chance to take some candid as compared to no photos at all.

2. You can use a toy that makes noise like the Emojis to attract their attention. Put this toy behind the camera and just when you want to take a photo, use the toy to make noise. Your pet will look in the direction of the sound and you can quickly snap a photo in the process. You will have to act super quick and may not be able to use this technique more than a couple of times as pets gets bored easily and may not notice the sound after a couple of attempts.

3. You can also snap your pets while they are sleep. This may add an adorable collection of photos for you to look at.

4. You can ask a friend or your sibling to help you with taking your pets photos. Ask them to play with your pet or distract them while you snap photos of them playing and jumping. You can keep the person out of the frame click some natural poses.

5. Adjust the exposure of your camera to click perfect photos as it is quite easy for your camera to get fooled by your pet’s fur coat, making them look extra dull or extra bright at times. You can adjust it by using exposure compensation to use a = or – exposure depending upon your surroundings.

6. In order to focus on tiny details of your pet, focus using a small aperture to avoid shooting pictures which has your pet’s nose or eyes out of focus.

7. Make sure you choose a neutral background and avoid a bright one because that would alter your meter reading. Avoid trees and poles growing out of your pet’s head.

8. Use slow shutter speed with flash to create a sense of action. If you want to capture a picture of your dog flying in the air, follow the dog through its tracks and click on the shutter when it takes off of the ground. You can use a Frisbee to encourage your dog’s action.

9. Like human eye appears red, your pet’s eyes appear bright green when your camera’s flash reflects from them. This can be fixed using Photoshop.

10. In order to capture pictures of smaller pets, you can ask your friend to hold them in their hands or keep the frame super close to them.

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