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Top 10 Things to Know on How to Fly with your Dog

Top 10 Things to Know on How to Fly with your Dog

Some of the general things you must consider when you decide to fly with your dog includes taking into consideration the size of your dog. If they can be taken into the cabin or sent via cargo. You also need to consider the airline policy. Some airlines have a restricted number of pets you can bring on the plane. If you are traveling with your dog, try to opt for a direct flight. Multiple stop overs and baggage counters can be really tough on your dog.

Ten top things that you must know when you travel with your dog include:

1. Make sure your pet can fly. This means that you must ensure that your pet doesn’t feel extreme stress when on the plane. Your pet’s size, age and the duration of the flight are all important.

2. Where to keep your pet? If your pet can fit into a crate that can be kept under your seat, you can easily take them into the cabin. However make sure you’ve read all the rules and regulations before bringing them with you onboard. Some airlines might ask you to pay extra to bring your pet into the cabin area

3. Notify the airline beforehand. Most airlines ask you to book for your pet in advance. Oftentimes, there is limited space for pets on an aircraft so make sure you book a ticket or cargo space when you book a ticket for yourself.

4. Use a proper crate. Make sure the crate you are using allows your pet to be comfortable. An uncomfortable crate may cause your dog to bark excessively or show undesirable behavior such as pooping on flight. Airlines require your crate to not weigh more than 18 lbs.

5. Obtain a health certificate. Many airlines require you to have a recent health certificate from your vet certifying that your pet can travel and in good health. Make sure you plan a visit to your vet before traveling to avoid recent issues.

6. Just before the flight, make sure you’ve tired your dog out so he can calmly sleep on the plane.

7. Keep their favorite treats. In case your dog becomes hungry and restless, make sure to carry their favorite treats to calm him down. Treats also help your dog if there’s excessive stress and need to become comfortable about the whole experience.

8. Avoid overfeeding. This will only cause you problems as they might poop on the flight. Try to feed them when you are on the ground and can take them to a nearby bathroom.

9. After your flight, make sure to take your dog for a short walk to avoid from becoming sick.

10. If you are traveling internationally, make sure you have gone through their rules and laws concerning bringing a pet in their country.

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