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Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Maine Coon Cats

Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons or Coon Cats are beautiful and social. They’re gentle-mannered, easy-to-get-along, and have a large athletic build. They’re smart and learn tricks easily!

Here are 10 interesting facts about this charming breed for you!

1. They’re Huge

It’s not a surprise that Maine coons are often mistaken for Bobcats because they’re so big! A usual Maine Coon weighs anywhere around 9-16 pounds for females and 13-18 pounds for males. They are often loosely termed The Biggest Cat Breed. However, when it comes to weight,they are in close competition with Norweigian Forest cats (16 pounds) and Ragdolls (20 pounds).

2. They Love Water

Other cats tremble at the thought of water, but Maine Coons? Nah. Instead they just might jump into a tub full of water. Their waterproof coat may be the reason for its thickness and moisture repellent nature.

3. They Have Interesting Origin Theories

The origin of Maine has attracted a lot of speculation. Some say that their brown fur and bushy tails can trace their origin back to a semi-wild domesticated cat mating with raccoons.

Others speculate that they are the six cats that queen Marie Antoinette shipped into Maine during her great escape from France during the French revolution.

One peculiar, yet very plausible theory suggests that these kitties originated from domestic cats with short hair which bred with longhaired cats. They were brought to America by the Vikings. Research has also shown that some of Maine Coons’ DNA can be traced to breeds like Norwegian Forest Cat and a mysterious breed.

Top 10 Interesting Things  to Know About Maine Coon Cats

4. They’re Always Equipped for Winter

The body of Maine Coons has evolved to withstand harsh winters. Their large bodies and thick tufted paws serve as protection. They wrap their thick, bushy tail around themselves when they’re cold.

Their thick water-repellent coat is dense and longer on the stomach. This helps in keeping their lower body warm when they sit or walk on the snow. Their fur is also thicker around the shoulder to allow them to walk through the woods without getting hurt by tree branches and bushes.

5. They are Colorful

The common assumption is that Maine Coon Cats are brown. However, this assumption is not true at all. They come in a diverse variety of colors. These colors include smoke, cream, cameo, mackerel, and tortoiseshell.

6. They’re Very Popular

Maine coons became the Official state cat of Maine in 1985. According to CFA registration statistics, Main Coons were announced the most popular breed in the US. They have also been awarded for their popularity in Japan & Europe.

Top 10 Interesting Things  to Know About Maine Coon Cats

7. They Were in Harry Potter!

Mrs. Norris, Argus Filch’s pet in Harry Potter, is also a Maine Coon named Pebbles. It is also said that though other cats were extremely responsive to complex training, Pebbles was not. But she was good at walking across the hall and stopping on command every time.

8. The World’s Longest Cat

An 8-year-old, Maine Coon Stewie holds the Guinness World Record for being World’s Longest Domestic Cat. When fully stretched and measured from the tip of the nose to the end of his tail bone, Stewie measured 48.5 inches!

9. Some of them have 6 toes!

Early in their development phase, Maine Coons were actually polydactyls, which mean that when they were born, their paws had extra appendages. Research has proven that 40% of early Main Coons had this trait which has led to a mutation that gives their paws natural cover to handle snow.

10. They’ve Been Commercially Cloned

In 2004, a Dallas-area owner named Julie once preserved her pet, Little Nicky’s, tissues in a gene bank after it passed away. She paid a sum of over $ 50,000 to the controversial Genetic Savings & Clone Company which cloned dogs and cats. They transfused Little Nicky’s tissues into an egg cell and a surrogate cat mother carried the embryo. She later gave birth to a kitten that was very similar, in both appearance and temperament, to Little Nicky.

Are you planning to adopt a Maine Coon? Good choice! Their laid-back nature makes them the perfect pet as they get along with both dogs and cats!

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