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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Tips for Traveling with Pets this Holiday

So what are your plans for the upcoming holiday? Are you and your family members up for travelling? Are you concerned about leaving the cute fellow, your pet, behind? Then don’t. Take them with you, and enjoy with them. You would not have to worry about them if they accompany you on the holiday trip. To ensure their and your wellbeing during the trip, follow the travelling tips given below:

1. Do a good homework on the local vets:

Your pets may fall sick during the travel, and you would not want to search for a reliable pet at the eleventh hour. Keep the contact information of a few vets who operate in the areas where you will be travelling to. You may require their assistance at any time.

2. Choose an airline-friendly pet carrier:

For individuals who opt to travel through air, they should know that taking a pet along is not really easy – but it is also not unmanageable! The first thing you need to do in order to make this air travel peaceful, make the right choice of pet carriers. Your pet should be able to stand freely, turn in directions and cozily lie down. Also do not forget to keep a familiar towel, toy and a blanket to provide them the homely comfort.

3. Prepare a first aid kit for your pet:

Injuries do not happen with prior warnings. You will have to keep yourself equipped anyway. You don’t have to put much thought to it, but you can make a list of essentials for a pet first aid kit and just buy them before the holidays approach. The kit may include: sterile saline solution, anti-diarrhea medication, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant and antibiotic ointment, anti-itch medications, and canine aspirin etc.

4. Getting a first floor room:

Most pet friendly hotels will make sure that your room has an easy outdoor access, but it is always good to make sure that you get such a room or a room on the first floor. This allows you to take the pets out easily if they have to go out pooping past midnight. Honestly, waiting for the elevators under such circumstances give no benefits!

5. Take referrals when choosing a place to stay:

Call up your friends and acquaintance and take genuine feedback on the hotels that they have stayed in. The hotel staff can pose a different story of how pet friendly they are, but someone who have already had an experience will be able to tell you better. On the basis of the reviews, you may choose the best one.

6. Keep a limit on the driving time:

Travelling in cars will be tiring for your pets – though they are never told to drive the car (pun intended). Set a specific number of hours that you would spend in car journeys and no more than that! It would not bore your pets and keep them and thus keep you happy!

Since you have already decided to take your little fellow along, don’t forget that different countries have different requirements to let the pets enter their territories. So if you are going to cross the borders, then make sure that you fulfill all their embassy requirements to have a hassle-free travel trip with your pets!

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