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Tips About Taking Care of Your Dog in an Apartment

Tips About Taking Care of Your Dog in an Apartment

You have probably heard someone say that dogs aren’t suited for apartment life and that they can do more damage than good due to their pent-up energy. Although a big backyard is a perfect place for your canine buddy to go about his business, taking care of him in an apartment isn’t as problematic as some might think. If you can establish a proper routine and cater to his everyday needs, a life in harmony is possible. It may take a bit more energy and a hint of creativity, though, so here are useful tips for owners who plan or already have a dog as a roommate.

Regular daily exercise

Dogs are very active and energetic creatures. But they certainly won’t have plenty of opportunities to run freely inside an apartment. That is why it is imperative to take him out regularly for daily walks. This is an opportunity for your pup to explore, socialize, sniff out any news in the area, and play. If you have a dog park or enclosed area in your vicinity, make sure to visit it on a regular basis. It is very important that they stay active off-leash. Once you establish this habit, you will realize that your dog is not the only one who is regularly exercising.

Additionally, if you love to travel abroad, definitely supply yourself with useful and fun dog travel accessories that will make your journeys all the more comfortable for both you and your canine darling.

Health and grooming

Tips About Taking Care of Your Dog in an Apartment

There is nothing more important that your dog’s hygiene, especially if you are living in an apartment. It directly affects not just your pet’s health but yours, too. So make sure to supply yourself with essentials like a pet hair cutting set, dog nail grinders, adjustable anti-flea collar, physiological diaper pants, and neck protection for wound healing. Also, brush your dog daily because those seemingly innocent clumps of hair deposits can turn an apartment into a fur station.

Toy basket

Tips About Taking Care of Your Dog in an Apartment

Considering that your pup doesn’t have a yard to run amock, he will get bored pretty quickly without entertainment. That is why access to a basket full of toys can help keep him content and docile. Dogs love to chew and gnaw so if you have some bones, rubber sticks, and ropes will help, too. By keeping the dog busy, there are fewer chances that you will stumble upon a heap of destroyed household items. A lot also depends on your dog’s temperament but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Adapt your apartment to your dog

Dogs may be clingy to their masters but they sure do love if they have a little corner for themselves. A canine roommate requires that you make some arrangements in your apartment where you can fit both his and your belongings. Keep your furniture as close to the wall as possible, create open pathways between rooms, and it is better to mount your TV and electronic, rather than to leave them on a flat surface. Make enough room for him to be comfortable without sacrificing your own comfort.

Find a quiet area for his food and water

Tips About Taking Care of Your Dog in an Apartment

A place without lots of traffic and noise is perfect for a dog to eat. Laundry rooms with washers and dryers tend to be too loud. You need to find a canine wining and dining space where chances of panic reactions are minimal. Some dogs are even afraid of vacuum cleaners and can get aggressive when bothered while chowing down on dinner or lapping water.

Place to sleep

Now, dogs may be adaptable creatures and can sleep pretty much anywhere on the ground but you would do well to afford your pet with more support and comfort than a flat floor can provide. Your dog’s health and posture depend on it. A cheap weighed blanket or a cushioned box is more than enough to create a safe space for your canine partner, especially when it is a storm outside, fireworks, or other stressful loud noises. Also, make sure his sleeping space is located near you because dogs love to be in packs and close to their loved ones when it is lights out. Provide security for your pup’s sweet dreams and you will directly improve his longevity for the better.

Keeping your dog calm and quiet when you are away

If you don’t want your neighbors to listen to woofs and howls when you leave him alone in the apartment, you might want to consider doing a little training. There are even cases when people file complaints so take this tip very seriously. Plenty of exercise and choice of toys can certainly help tone down the fuss but crate-training can really do wonders in this department. If executed slowly and positively with reward treats, dogs can learn to associate their crate as a comfortable area, which can calm them immensely. Also, enabling your dog to have a look through the window can also keep him occupied, quiet, and free of boredom.

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