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Tips on How to Stop your Dog from Snoring

Tips on How to Stop your Dog from Snoring

Most dogs are in the habit of snoring, some more than the others. There are, however, few ways in which you can curb their snoring and not only cure your disturbed sleep but you will also get these poor things of their misery as well! Let’s proceed to the remedies!

1. Ask your Vet!

The first thing you should do is get an expert opinion on what’s the cause of snoring. There might be some underlying health conditions that your dog is suffering from. So get them addressed properly.

2. Consult for surgical options

There are some dogs that have what is called elongated soft palates. Surgical treatment might alleviate their distress. Make sure you consult with a board certified surgeon as it is delicate surgery.

* Make sure that the surgical option is only considered when the dogs are fairly young as it might have severe results in dog’s old age.

3. Try weight loss

Heavyweight dogs might have a constricted airflow which causes snoring. It gets worse with age. So make sure that you get your dog to exercise properly and shed some weight. You can also feed them in lesser portions to reduce their weight.

Tips on How to Stop your Dog from Snoring

4. Take care of their allergies

You should ask for prescriptions after consulting with the vet regarding the allergies suffered by your dog.

5. Make way for Humid Air

You can put a bowl filled with water in a room, or you can get a humidifier to stave off dry air as that will also cure your dog’s snoring.

6. Check Position

If your dog sleeps on his side, then there wouldn’t be any snoring, but if he sleeps on his back, then you will surely hear some. They usually sleep on their backs when there is heat. Otherwise, they will sleep on the side.

You can also give them a round bed to sleep in so that they will almost always sleep in a curled up position.

Or give them a pillow to elevate their head a little, this will also prevent them from snoring.

Tips on How to Stop your Dog from Snoring

7. Eliminate smoke

Second-hand smoking affects the health condition of your dog so much so that they start to develop health conditions such as lung cancer. But this smoke also makes them suffer from heavy breathing which will eventually result in heavy snoring.

8. Try SnoreStop

There is an OTC homeopathic medicine that goes by the name “SnoreStop.” You can treat your pet’s snoring with this by just dissolving its tablet and giving it to them.

9. Check for Tooth Infection

An untreated tooth infection results in the abscess that obstructs air flow. Your dog might have a loose tooth, or inflamed gums or lumps under their tongue or on their gums if they have this infection. Take your pet to the vet should you see any such hints.

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