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Tips for Removing Pet Odor From Your Home

While most have a lot of love for their furry family members, they usually don’t love the smells that they create. Pet odor can not only be unpleasant, but it can also be unhealthy to live with, too. Because of this, it can be helpful to know some different ways to eliminate the pet odor in your home, that way you can focus on loving your fur baby, rather than hating their smells.

Tips for Removing Pet Odor From Your Home

Use the Right Kinds of Cleaners

When it comes to dealing with pet odor, the types of cleaners you use can make a difference. While some may think that regular cleaners will do the trick, the reality is that cleaners specifically designed to cut through pet odors will be much more effective. Not only will they be better at getting rid of the odor in the first place, but they will also help prevent your pet from wanting to urinate in the same spot. Because pets generally have a much better sense of smell than humans do, they can often pick up on their scents, even if you can’t, and may feel tempted to keep marking the same spots. However, with a pet carpet cleaner that thoroughly blocks out odors, this can be prevented.

Take Sweeping Seriously

Whether you’re struggling with urine odors, or just general pet odors, taking sweeping and mopping seriously can be an effective way to reduce pet smells in your home. This can be particularly true for those that have lots of carpet in their homes, as dander, fur, and other debris can settle deep into it and be difficult to get out. This is even more true when dealing with pet stains, which can seep deep into the padding underneath the carpet and be almost impossible to eradicate completely if not attended to quickly. The good news is, though, that being prompt about cleaning up pet messes and by sweeping and mopping regularly, you can keep pet smells to a minimum.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Pet odor doesn’t just hang out around the floor or in your carpets, it is often circulating in the air, as well. Pet dander and fur can not just contribute to the pet smell in your home, but they can make the air in your house more difficult to breathe, too. This can be particularly troublesome for those that suffer from asthma or allergies. By replacing your air filter, or even investing in an air purifier, you can help to keep your air quality high and reduce pet scents in your home.

Wash Your Linens and Your Pet’s Bedding

Just as animal odors can cling to your carpet, they can easily cling to other fabrics in your home, too. This can be particularly true of your furniture or your bedding. Not only that, but furniture and bedding can be common places for pets to leave messes. By washing all the linens in your home, from your couch cushions to your curtains, on a regular basis, you can help ensure that they aren’t collecting and harboring any unwanted pet dander or smells.

Additionally, just as it can be important to clean your own linens, it can also be important to clean your dog’s bedding on a frequent basis. Your pet’s bed is likely one of the places where they spend the most time, so that means that it can collect a lot of dander, saliva, urine and dirt. Not only will the bed stink itself, but the more time your pet spends on it, the more they will begin to smell as well, and the more likely that smell will be to transfer to the rest of your home. By washing your pet’s bedding regularly, you can help them, and the rest of your home, smell better.

A Last Word

Most pet owners have a lot of love for their furry little friends, but that doesn’t mean that they love the way they smell. While it may not be possible to get rid of pet odor altogether, the good news is that there are many ways to reduce it, whether you focus on using the right kinds of cleaners, or washing your linens regularly.

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