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Tips on How to Choose Dog Breed for your Family

Tips on How to Choose Dog Breed for your Family

There are multiple factors you need to look over to finally bring home a pet dog for your family. This article will provide you with a list of considerations to make for choosing a specific dog breed.

1. Start by researching… A lot!

There are several online guides present that you can look over to pick a suitable breed. These guides will highlight the following things for each breed:

  • How much exercise they need?
  • How are they trained?
  • What are their specific commands?
  • Which nutrition and dietary concerns do each of them have?
  • Whether they have medical conditions?

2. Time to home in on your choice

According to the American Kennel Group, there are seven official dog breeds:

  • Herding
  • Hound
  • Sporting
  • Non-sporting
  • Terrier
  • Toy
  • Working

There are further categories such as crossbreeds and mixed breeds and mutts that you can choose from. You can count on the physical aspects such as sizes and shapes to decide between different types.

3. Their Breeding Purposes Differ

Each of the breeds has their different purposes, some dig, some hunt, some are for herding purposes. For the purpose of getting a home-dog, you need to watch out for such in-born traits.

4. Choose betwixt a crossbreed or mix breed

There might be certain traits that you don’t like of a particular breed. In that case, you can start looking for a mix and match breeds. And especially if you remain undecided, then you might have the better of the two in one!

Tips on How to Choose Dog Breed for your Family

5. Pick as per your climate

Even though you can generate the best temperature inside the house for your pet to be comfortable. But when you take them out for exercise or walk, then you need to know which climate do they fare well in.

– Hot weathers make dogs vulnerable to overheating and heavy shedding.
– Extremely cold weathers mean you need loads of extra layers to protect the dog.

6. Consider your allergies

There is no such thing as hypoallergenic dogs. There are certain proteins present in the animal’s saliva and skin that cling on the hair. Upon shedding, this causes reactions to allergic sufferers.

Following are a certain type of dogs that cause less of an allergic reaction as they don’t shed much.

  • Kerry blue terriers
  • Lagotto Romagnolo
  • Poodles
  • Portuguese water dogs
  • Schnauzers
  • Soft-coated wheaten terriers

Tips on How to Choose Dog Breed for your Family

7. Space

You need to consider the space that you can provide for your dog. That will decide which breed you should choose.

8. Check your Noise tolerance

You need to choose from vocal dogs if you don’t mind much barking and if you do then go for mellower breeds. Following are some of the breeds you should avoid if you don’t want much noise:

  • Basset hounds,
  • Beagles,
  • Dobermans,
  • Jack Russell terriers,
  • Samoyeds,
  • Westies

9. Check for compatibility with Kids

Select calm and composed dogs when you have children as they won’t snap out at the children’s mischief.

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