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Thinking about Training your Dog? 5 Reasons why you should Act Today

Thinking about Training your Dog? 5 Reasons why you should Act Today


Dogs can really be cute little creatures. Each dog has their own unique personality, and I’m sure that most of you have a bond with your dog. Now, while this may be the case, that doesn’t mean that discipline should be out of the questions.

This is why I want to set some time aside to speak to you about training your dog. I know tough love can be hard, especially when they look at you with puppy eyes, but it’s crucial the bond between you and your dog. So if you’re on the fence about training your dog, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention.

Safety first!

You might think of training as something you need to do in order to have a disciplined companion. Now, while this may also be a result of training, safety is actually one of the reasons you should consider giving it a try.

This is due to the fact that proper training can keep your dog out of harm’s way. Think about it, if you teach your dog commands, you can keep them by your side when you need to. Also, with the proper training, your dog may be able to return the favor one day by keeping you safe as well.

A great example of this would be a family outdoor camping trip. You don’t want your dog to run off, right? So making sure that they’re trained can help keep them safe.

It will make you closer

Training your dog will also bring you guys together. This is due to the fact that training a dog can lead to an increase in respect for you, which will make sure that your dog knows who the boss is.

Why is this important?

When your dog looks to you as their leader, they’ll tend to like you a whole lot more. When a dog knows that it can look towards you for support, there is a feeling of comfort that comes into play. So if you want to strengthen your relationship, be sure to implement a solid training regimen.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks

I’m sure that a lot of you reading this may have had dogs for quite some time now. This might turn you off to the idea of training, because you might feel like you’re a bit too late.

Now, while this may have some truth to it, you can definitely train a dog at any age. Of course it will be easier for your dog to learn when they’re younger, but you can still teach a dog to give you their paw when they’re fully grown.

It can make your dog a bit more social

I bet that your dog is social with you, probably too social to be honest, but how is your dog with other animals? If your dog lacks training, unfortunately, it may hurt their chances of making furry friends of their own.

So if you think that training is just for discipline or safety, I encourage you to think about your dog’s social life. If you want to hit the dog park, I definitely recommend making sure your dog is trained first.

This can help by:

  • Keeping your dog from barking
  • Reducing the fear of other dogs your dog may have
  • Reducing aggression in your dog
  • Showing your dog how to interact in a positive way

So when I say that training your dog will help their social life, I really do mean it.

Having trouble boarding?

If you want to go away on a vacation, and I know that some of you probably do, you can’t always take your dog with you. Now, in this case, you can either have some pet sit, or you can board. This is not always easy, and your dog may not be the most well behaved.

Luckily, if this is the case, I definitely recommend training your dog. Not only will this make it easier for the people watching over your pet, but it will take the stress and anxiety away from being without you as well.


I know that most of you may know some of this already, but I really want to make sure that you get that extra push. Training your day may seem harsh, but at the end of the day, it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your little friend. Now that you know the facts, check here for more about your pets care!

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