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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Things to Remember When you Leave your Dog with a Pet Sitter

Let’s agree that we can’t take our dog with us everywhere and leaving them with a pet sitter can get stressful at times. It’s always better to plan in advance and arrange for a pet sitter for starters. Once you find a sitter, it’s more important to call them over to see how they handle pets. Allow your pet to spend some time with them so that it gets easy when you leave. Make sure your sitter can handle your dog.

It is only smart to visit the sitter’s place and leave your dog there for a couple of days to see if things work out. Your dog is definitely more comfortable with their own blankets and toys. It is important to pack all of their essential and favorite stuff to make the whole experience comfortable for them so that they adjust well.

Make sure you let your pet sitter know about your dog’s favorite food and also provide with a stock supply to prevent your dog from eating something unhealthy. A change in food and environment simultaneously can not only lead to an upset stomach but also make them uncomfortable and restless. Few things that you should remember before checking in your dog with the sitter includes:

1. Emergency contacts.
It is only wise to leave your pet sitter with updated contact information in case something goes wrong. Make a small notebook with all the relevant information and contact with your dog’s regular vet as well.

2. Proper identification
A proper identification tag on your dog’s collar not only gives information about your pet in case they get lost but also keeps your dog safe. Whoever gets hold of your dog will be able to contact you as soon as possible.

3. Time and date of leaving and arrival
It is important to inform your dog sitter about the day you’re going to leave and the date of arrival. It helps your sitter to plan their schedule accordingly as well.

4. Friends and Family’s information
It is good to provide another emergency contact apart from your own in case you are out of reach and the pet sitter needs to make contact.

5. Information about existing medical conditions
You must provide information about your dog’s health status and existing medical conditions if any. Information about allergies is also important.

6. Feeding and walking schedule
Providing your pet sitter with this information will not only help them manage your dog better but will also help you maintain their daily routine so that when you come back you don’t have to deal with training your dog again.

7. Other relevant information
You must let your pet sitter know about any other piece of your information regarding visitors, toxic foods, etc. to keep your dog safe and make your pet sitters job easy. Information about your dog’s hobbies and favorite toys will not only make their stay more comfortable but will also help them settle in easily.

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