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Things only Pitbull Owners Can Understand

Pitbull is a descendant from the bulldogs and terriers family. Their formal breeds include American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terrier, and Stuffawler etc. The interesting thing is that, whom we just called breeds are actually genetics mixes and thus possess variable traits. It is estimated that there are nearly two million pitbulls in the United States, as for now!

They are some of the best climbers and notorious escape masters. Well if you are a pit-parent, you would know most of this and would certainly be able to relate to the following:

1. Finding a place to live:

Most apartments and residential societies do not have a bully-friendly policies. They simply turn the bully owners down by saying that they cannot allow dangerous breeds. Most bully owners are forced to buy a house where they can keep their bullies.

2. The WHINING game:

Pit bulls are masters of getting their ways, and you must have often noticed them pulling off the cute whining strategy in the pursuit of success.

3. The talkative pet:

Your pitbull must have had long and deep conversations with you. Either to get what they want, or to show that they enjoy spending time with you; the pitbulls would have never been short of dog-words for you.

4. You must have shopped a lot for them:

Pitbulls do not have much fur on their body and thus begin to feel cold before other dog breeds would do. Your pit must have requested you to buy the pajama sets that they see at the mall. Since they are master of getting their ways, you must have had bought the pajama sets for them – and yes, you would have found your baby incredibly cute in those pajamas. Didn’t you?

5. You often find yourself advocating the breed:

You as a pitbull owner do not like when people begin to quote harmful incidents involving the pit bulls. It is a fact that not all pit bull breeds can be trusted around human beings, and you also accept that. But yeah, no one should be saying a word against your innocent baby, and we get that!

6. Being the only one in the park:

Well, not every time, but you must have encountered such a situation. When you enter a dog park with your baby, all other dog owners would grab their dogs and leave. Also, you must have enjoyed it! Having the entire park for you and your pet to have fun, yeah, you must have had zero regrets for it!

7. You learn to share your food:

Pitbulls just love to eat, and no matter what you get, they will ask for their share. Didn’t it just happen at the last meal? You must be laughing on this relatable fact! We are too!
Lastly, didn’t it feel great when a kid said that your pit is very cute? And if someone testified that they were wrong in thinking that all pit bulls would be dangerous and yours is a very commendable one! Didn’t you feel proud of your honey?

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