What to Do if Your Pet Has Fleas or Ticks

Most dog owners dread summers because it is very easy for their dog to catch fleas in this season. One moment you’re giving a nice massage to your pet and the next you spot a tiny brown dot and then another and another. It is one of the most frightening moments for most dog owners. The dog often gets infested with ticks and fleas when they come in contact with stray animals.

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The fleas feed on your animal’s blood. While doing so, they inject their saliva proteins into your pet’s body. The salivary proteins are usually allergenic, and your pet ends up having an anaphylactic reaction. It also causes allergic dermatitis, causing your dog to scratch excessively, bite and lose hair. They can also cause your pet to become anemic and eventually die if they are heavily infested.

If you have discovered that your pet is infested with fleas, make sure you take care as soon as possible and take the following measures:

1. Fleas are annoying and usually persist for long periods if not treated after properly. Oral and topical control has proven to be the most effective way to control fleas. Some of these medications target adult fleas, and others take care of the eggs. Many vets also prescribe a combination of drugs to eradicate fleas quickly and effectively. It’s best to take your pet to your vet to get them checked and prescribe an anti-tick pill.

2. Apart from oral and topical pills, there are several other products that help combat fleas and ticks. They may not be as effective as oral medication, but they usually help. These products include flea shampoos, flea powders, flea sprays, and flea collars.

3. In addition to eradicating fleas from your animal’s body, it is also essential to take precautions and eradicate them from surrounding as well. In the house, all the carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly, and the vacuum bag disposed of properly. You can also use chemicals to treat your house for fleas and ticks. The most commonly used chemical include boric acid based products.

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