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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Things to Know about Nylon Chews for Dogs

Smart dog owners know the truth about their dogs and their chewing habit. Your dog is going to chew, which is why you should be out buying Dog Chews as soon as you get the pet home! Just as your dog will welcome you home each time excitedly, chewing on stuff is one of those quintessentially dog things.


Even if you don’t consider the ways in which chewing improve your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing, there is still the matter of the shoes! When you fail to provide them with a suitable outlet like Flavorit Bones, your dog is going to supply themselves with their own chew “toys!” Most often those toys happen to be your designer pair of shoes or the legs of the chairs of your dining room. At other times, dogs can start chewing on electrical wiring!

When it comes to chewing, keep the following three facts in mind:

  1. Chewing makes most dogs happier, which is why they like it so much! When you present them with something that they are allowed to chew on, that thing becomes doubly important. One, because they can chew on it and you wouldn’t yell at them for doing so. Two, you gifted them that object!
  1. You will need to be careful about the shape of the object that you intend to give to your dog to chew on. That’s because to dogs, the shaft or the middle region connecting to the two ends of the object doesn’t really matter. They will be spending their time chewing on the ends of the ends of that object. Therefore, never hand them anything that will break into smaller pieces when chewed upon!
  2. Most importantly, the object that you choose to be your dog’s chew toy should be large enough that it can’t be swallowed. When you have trouble choosing how large, just go with the one that is way too large! Got multiple dogs? Don’t buy them different sized toys; instead buy different pieces of a size that is safe for the largest dog’s throat. That way your large sized dogs won’t endanger themselves by sneakily swallowing a smaller dog’s chew prize!

Nylon Chew Toys for Dogs

Hard nylon chew toys can end up harming your dog’s teeth! Due to the absence of give, these toys can even cause tooth fractures. Good nylon chew toys are ones that are scratchable. While trying to chew on it, your dog could rip off pieces of plastic from the toy. If rice size pieces are swallowed, don’t worry as they will safely pass.

Keep in mind that not all nylon chew toys are made the same way! Some of them will be too hard for your dog to chew on. That could mean the pooch will abandon them and go back to the makeshift chew toys. Others if too soft could break apart and be swallowed. Find the right chew toy for your dog and never let them out of your sight while they are busy chewing!

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