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Things you Should Know when Hiking with Dogs

Walking with a dog can be a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to combine your love of nature with your best friend! Walking allows you and your dog to do some exercises, strengthening the bonds you share. If you’re new to mountain climbing, first get to know the hiking grounds to be ready to do all that’s right. When you are ready to take your dog for walking, here are some important points to consider:

Does your dog know the basics?

Before you go with your dog, you have to make sure you know how to walk with a lure. Of course, you will not like the way your dog will pull the strap. Your dog should also have a good basis for learning and communication. Otherwise, you may encounter bad behavior of your dog or even fear during walks, which is not an interesting moment.

Is your dog healthy and healthy?

Not all dogs are in proper physical form for a safe walk. Talk to your vet before you start walking for a hike with your dog. Older dogs are better off for walking. Young puppies should avoid hiking when it comes to high resistance and long distances, as this may damage their growing bones. Dogs with certain health problems should also avoid trips. You do not want to be away from civilization if something happens!

Prepare yourself

1 – Before you go for a walk, here are a few things for dogs that you should take with you:

2 – Good basic belts for the dog (without pulling the belts when you go camping, otherwise your dog will be confused).

3 – A durable collar with a valid ID in case your dog is separated from you.

4 – The microchip is perfect if the collar falls.

5 – A great shade is a good idea for hunters not to confuse your work with a wild animal.

6 – Lots of fresh water (double the amount to be taken into consideration in the dog).

7- Healthy dog ​​food (for long walks).

8 – Some things for first aid.

9 – Shoulder Bags (If you do not intend to bury your dog’s trash).

Backpack for dogs if you want your dog to carry equipment, dog toys and waste. Make sure it is firm and comfortably fits in order to prevent the formation of droplets. Keep balanced weight on each side and do not overuse it, or your dog will get tired very quickly. You have to weigh less than one third of your dog’s weight (or even less if your dog is new to a trip).

Go slowly

When your dog starts walking with you, it is best to start with short and easy walks and often rest. This will allow you to increase the resistance, as well as strengthening your feet (walking can make your feet harder). You do not want to go too far and find that your dog is tired or painful. Dogs often push to injury or exhaustion to stay with you. Get to know the limits of your dog. Gradually increase your walking distance and weight so your dog enjoys every walk from start to finish. Make sure you always have time to pause.

Minimize the risks

Dogs want to be in the fresh air and explore all the good scents of nature. However, in nature there are things that are not so beautiful to come back. Make sure your dog is completely vaccinated to protect you from illness. It must regularly perform parasite prevention to protect it from heart disease, flea, ticks and intestinal parasites. Do not allow to drink water in streams and lagoons as it may contain parasites that may be ill (even monthly prophylaxis cannot protect against parasites).

Do not let your dog run without a belt and explore it out of sight. She could find an enemy game or a poisonous plant. Snake bite can kill your dog. Skunk spray is very frustrating to deal with. Other wildlife animals can carry dangerous diseases such as rabies. It’s a good idea to get to know the basic first aid for dogs.

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