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Things you Didn’t Know about Boxers

Things you didn’t Know about Boxers

Any dog parent knows that boxers are amongst the most adorable breeds there are. When looking at adopting a dog, it’s always best to give boxers a try, especially since they are known to be the most gentle and caring dogs. However, there are more to Boxers that you didn’t know about. These adorable dogs, with much similar features to bulldogs, are known for a number of things. They don’t just make an ideal pet, they are also quite useful.

Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about Boxers:

1. They were originally bred for their work in the First World War as messengers, guard dogs, attack dogs and pack carriers. However, they gained popularity in the Second World War when soldiers decided to take them home.

2. One of the breeds that the Boxer was cross-bred with are now extinct. That means the Boxer is now holding half a genetic code to an extinct Bullenbisser. Being a mixed breed with a bulldog, they are known to be a special breed.

3. A boxer has a German ancestry thanks to the breeding with the Bullenbisser. The English had turned a Molosser into a Great Dane and the Mastiff.

Things you didn’t Know about Boxers

4. Did you know that the Boxer was the first dog to be turned into a German police dog? Well, because of their training and the learning ability, they were able to train this dog to becoming a police dog in Germany. Now, their jobs are taken over by most but they still have a name in history.

5. Even apart from being known for their fierceness, Boxers are still known to be amongst the most affectionate dogs to exist. They make great companions and give you all the love and affection that you want.

6. Boxers are named as they are simply because their paws resemble that of a boxing glove. Over the years, there have been many derivatives of the name, however, the ‘Boxer’ has lived on. This may not seem very paw-orientated, however, that is how the name was brought about.

Things you didn’t Know about Boxers

7. Boxers are known for their many capabilities of not only being pets, but also their ability to cater to a number of other jobs just as herding, tracking, agility, and so on. Boxers are a breed that learn quite fast and are able to cater to a number of different works.

8. Boxers are also known to be the cousins of bully breeds and also are known to be excellent hunters. Being a part of the bulls, they are able to cater to number of different specialties, even regardless of the fact that bulls are known for their many ailments.

9. Even though many people might disagree, the Boxers are known for their hunting skills and are known to be the best hunting companions. These dogs are known to run quite fast and remain as your loyal companion.

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