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Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. Just like everything else in life, the process of adopting a dog needs careful planning and considerations if you hope to carry out the process successfully and be a good parent to the newest member in your family.

When my daughter first asked for a puppy I gave her the hard facts about owning a dog. A puppy or even a grown dog is not like a stuffed animal that only needs cuddling and gets put away until next time one needs cuddling. In between cuddles there are baths, feedings, and patience. Lots of patience. I asked her if she was ready for that kind of effort and she opted out of all that work. She was willing to just occasionally help with my dogs and get to play with them and wait until she’s older to get her very own puppy.

The questions you need to ask before adopting a dog from a shelter is whether you are prepared emotionally, financially and mentally to take on the responsibility of owning a new pet. If you already have other dogs, this dog will add to the work and the costs plus the stresses included in training the newcomer.

You should also understand the feeding needs of the new dog. If he needs a special diet be prepared to foot the bills for his special needs the rest of his life. Educate yourself on the housing needs of the dog you plan on adopting as well as his health requirements in order to give him quality life for as long as he is under your care.

Before bringing the new pet home make sure you have all the basics he needs to be comfortable. For example make sure you have pet-proofed your house and have items such as feeding bowls, toys, crates, and blanket.

Have a rough idea on which breed you want to bring home before heading to the shelter. Consider your lifestyle and only adopt a dog who is suited to your lifestyle. If for instance you live in a small space only adopt a small dog. If you have other small pets such as birds and hamsters avoid dogs with strong hunting instincts. Having this idea makes it easy to avoid buying a dog just because he gives you puppy eyes and later on having to take him back after you realize you two are not fit for each other.

Lastly, make sure all family members are in agreement to avoid conflict. This will also make it easy to set up chores for everyone including who should feed, groom, and discipline and train the dog when and how.

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