Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


The Pros of Having Your Dog Indoors

As faithful as a dog. That’s one of the first simile kids learn in school. This is because dogs dedicate themselves with their all, probably unlike any other animal or even fellow human beings. It’s for this reason that dogs are now not just pets, but an important part of the family.

Many owners have no qualms letting their dogs live inside their houses, whereas in the past most dogs slept outside and spent most of their days outdoors. There are many benefits of having your dog near you including being more aware to their needs, more protection indoors where it’s needed and a ready companion when you need one.

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More aware of their needs.

When your dog lives indoors with you, you tend to be more aware of his needs. You will have established a routine for when he needs to go, when he eats and when he just wants to rest. Because you spend more time together, you are quick to know when he has health issues because you will notice either a change in his mood or a change in his activity levels. You are then able to seek early medical intervention which might save your pet’s life.

A willing companion.

When your dog lives inside, he is nearby when you need a companion or you need to cuddle. If you have children, they will also have someone they can play with at all hours of the day as well as someone to share their secrets with, even if he cannot respond.

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In case of an intruder on your premises your dog will let you know when he barks at the intruder. That goes for all dog sizes and breeds. The dog will let you know there is danger approaching.

Whether you keep your dog indoors for companionship or so that you can keep each other warm during winter, there are many benefits to reap from this arrangement. Make sure that in addition to the companionship, you take your dog for walks to keep him fit and pick appropriate toys to keep his brain stimulated.

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