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What Thanksgiving Food You Need To Keep Your Dog Away From

What Thanksgiving Food You Need To Keep Your Dog Away From

Thanksgiving for us is one of the most enjoyable and festive holidays. It is one of those holidays that the entire family literally gathers together to prepare a huge meal and sits together as they catch on to each other’s lives. The whole house is surrounded by excitement, with people shifting from one room to the other, talking, yelling, laughter, and jokes are all in the air. But the main part, the one that everyone is waiting for is the Thanksgiving dinner.

This is when you rip into the turkey that has been cooking for hours and is stuffed with the mixture your taste buds are just tingling at the thought of. You are just about to dig into it all when you notice someone watching you intently from the corner of the eye. It is your beloved furry friend.

As you prepare the dishes or prepare to eat them, you will be constantly hounded by your friend who is as enticed by the scent of the good food as you are. So what do you do? You decide to feed them of course. But what you need to be careful of is the fact that you cannot feed your pet just about anything. There are some foods that you need to steer clear of when loving feeding your pet:

Turkey skin and undercooked meat

It is okay to feed your dog white meat but you need to be very careful when feeding them turkey skin. If the turkey has been marinating in things like onions, sage, and garlic, then you need to keep your pet away from it as it can prove to be a fatal mistake. Other than that salmonella is a real threat if you think that you can toss your pet a piece of raw or undercooked meat. It is best that you give your dog a Flavorit Bone from Pet Qwerks which comes in chicken or bacon flavor just spread a little cream cheese on it and your pet will be satisfied.

Stuffing and gravy

Yes, the ingredients in the stuffing can be delicious, but that doesn’t mean that you can share it with your pet. Of course, you would want to share something so delicious with the one you love the most, but you need to be very aware that the ingredients that have gone into the mixture such as mushrooms, onions, sage, leeks, chives, garlic, pepper, and scallions are terrible for your pets. Even worse is the gravy. Though a majority of these ingredients are not toxic for the pet to the point of killing them, they can still provide a lot of discomfort.

Cranberry sauce

The cranberries in their raw form are perfectly fine for the pets; they are even used as ingredients in a lot of commercial pet foods. However, they are terrible for pets when they are in sauce form. They contain high amounts of sugar or fructose corn syrup. Other than that, the homemade versions usually tend to contain raisin and nuts that are not good for your pet.

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