Taking your Cat for a Roadtrip

Visualize a scenario where you have decided to go camping or visit a friend  who lives miles away, and you just have to take your cat with you. You can’t stand spending a few hours away from our feline friend, so you are going to take her in your car and hope she gets to have as much fun as you. To keep her safe, you need to do several things before and during the journey.

Taking your Cat for a Roadtrip

You must put your cat in a carrier for safety. It is not advisable to just let her roam freely in the car during the trip. This is because she might distract you with one of her cute antics and draw your attention away from the road, leading to an accident. If you brake unexpectedly and she is not sitting securely in a carrier she could smash the windscreen and hit another vehicle, which could lead to her own injuries or make another motorist cause an accident.

However, you need to familiarize her with the carrier before the trip to make sure she is comfortable. Line the carrier with warm blankets and put her in it a few days prior to the journey to let her get used to it. You could even put a few treats in the carrier to entice her to get inside if she resists the first time you try to put her inside. If she is familiar with the carrier beforehand she won’t make too much of a fuss on the road trip day.

Let her use the litter box before you start the journey. Some cats get anxious during the journey and go in their carrier a few minutes into the journey, causing a mess. This won’t happen if she uses the litter box before.

During rest time give her water and a treat. Make sure she is leashed to ensure she does not escape. If you need to leave the cat in the car, don’t do so for more than five minutes and make sure to roll down the windows. Also remember to roll down the window. If you are going to take longer, just take her in her carrier with you.

If you are stopping to do a little shopping along the way or to sightsee, search for a local vet in the town you intend to stop. Most vets will agree to look after your cat for a few hours at a fee, especially if you ask in advance.

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