A chewtoy is any object intended for any animal for the purposes of stimulation and amusement. Chew toys are always considered non-edible. In the market these days, there’s really no single chew toy that can’t be destroyed by a very aggressive chewer. Truth is, dogs chew on everything and probably stones and natural antlers are the only chews that can’t be destroyed. However, as pet parents it made us worry sometimes with all the sharp points and shards of these natural chew toys. The type of chewtoy you choose will depend on your dog’s penchant for chewing and its preferences. Some dogs make a cow’s hoof or a compressed rawhide chewy last forever, whereas other dogs consume them in a matter of minutes.

The dog is a social and inquisitive animal. He needs to dosomething, especially if left at home alone. What would youlike your dog to do? If your puppy learns to enjoychewing toys, he will look forward to settling downquietly for some quality chewing time. It is important to teachyour puppy to enjoy their chewtoys more than chewinghousehold items. An effective ploy is to stuff the puppy’schewtoys with kibble and treats. In fact, during your puppy’sfirst few weeks at home, put away his food bowl and, apartfrom using kibble as lures and rewards for training, serve allyour puppy’s kibble stuffed in hollow chewtoys,Biscuit Balls, and sterilized bones.

For effortless chew toy training, adhere to the puppyconfinement program. When you are away from home, leavethe puppy in his playroom with bed, water, toilet, andplenty of chewtoys. While you are at home, leave thepuppy in his doggy den with plenty of chewtoys. Everyhour after releasing the pup to relieve himself, play chewtoygames—chew toy search, chew toy fetch, and chew toy tug-of-war. Your puppy will soon develop a very strong chew toy habitbecause you have limited his chewing choices to a singleacceptable toy, which you have made even more attractive withthe addition of kibble and treats.

Once your dog has become a chewtoyaholic and has not had a chewing mishap for at least three months, you may increase your puppy’s playroom to two rooms. For each subsequent month without a mistake your puppy may gain access to another room, until eventually he enjoys free run of the entire house and garden when left at home alone. If a chewing mistake should occur, go back to the original puppy confinement program for at least a month. In addition to preventing household destruction, teaching your puppy to become a chewtoyaholic prevents him from becoming a recreational barker because chewing and barking are obviously mutually exclusive behaviors.

Chewtoyaholism helps your puppy learn to settle down calmly because chewing and dashing about are mutually exclusive behaviors. Chewtoyaholism is especially useful for dogs with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since it provides them with an acceptable and convenient means to work out their obsessions and compulsions. Your dog may still have OCD, but a chewtoyaholic will happily spend his time obsessively and compulsively chewing his chew toys. Most importantly, chew toys keep the puppy occupied and effectively helps prevent the development of separation anxiety.

Chew Toy–Training

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Every dog owner can prove to the fact that their four-legged, wet-nosed friend really is the best type of pet in the world. Dogs are fun and exciting to be around in any environment and will always be faithful companions no matter what happens.

As pet parents, we want the best for our beloved fidos. It is in our best interest to provide them a happy, enjoyable and longer life we could possibly give. While many animal-care professionals have worked hard and have been successful in spreading general health information relating to dogs—including exercise suggestions, diet guidelines, and much more—but still there seems to be some confusion and uncertainty amongst many dog owners relating to the type of dog toys that they should be buying.

Perhaps this point is due to the unfortunate stories in the news, where pets became ill or physically harmed as a result of a defective or toxic toy. Whatever the reason, let’s help pet owners all around the world take a look at five tips for choosing the best dog toys!

5. Verify the On-Package Certification

In reading online product descriptions and speaking to sales associates, many individuals notably fail to verify a pet toy’s on-package certification. This is a major mistake, for verifications that cannot legally be displayed on a package without being true (like all-natural and non-toxic) are essentially irrefutable, and do well to assure the integrity of the components used inside a toy (its composition may be another story, though).

4. Avoid Toys with Small and Potentially Detachable Components

This idea may be overly obvious to some pet owners, but these same individuals would be surprised to find how many customers overlook the point (all of them well-meaning, of course).

Small and potentially detachable components like eyes, buttons, and even entire sections are major red flags and choking hazards, and especially if a pet cannot be monitored at all times while enjoying the toy, this type of product shouldn’t be purchased.

3. Look for Interesting Features

This point is of the utmost importance, as many once again well-intentioned pet owners, in looking for a safe and durable toy, fail to select one that has very unique features, and will therefore hold their pet’s interest for a long period of time. Sure, most dogs love more of the same, in coordination with a set routine, but an interactive and interesting toy will help them to look forward to playing, as opposed to doing so to pass the time.
Lights and noises are just some of the excellent features boasted by the advanced and best dog toys of today.

2. Check the Price

Dog toys which are being sold for an overly cheap price will probably be of a low quality, frankly. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better in the dog-toy market, by any means, it’s impossible for manufacturers to guarantee a durable, safe, and exciting product for a couple of dollars, in the vast majority of instances. Purchase with value in mind, but assure that the price of a toy is within reason, with respect to potential quality, safety, and ease of enjoyment.

1. Don’t Forget About Tradition

Everything is being innovated and modernized today, and in most cases, this is a good thing. However, while today’s optimized pet toys, with respect to tradition, are awesome, others employ completely new and frankly underwhelming qualities.

There really is no need for the wheel to be re-invented with regards to dog toys. Canine companions enjoy bones, balls, ropes, discs, and plush toys—there’s no reason to abandon these general formats, and the toys of today that do so are probably undesirable and unenjoyable for most pets.

Stick with the traditional dog-toy formats when making a purchase, but be aware of the excellent innovations that they boast.

These tips are sure to help any dog owner choose the best dog toy for their beloved pet(s). Have fun, and remember to visit Pet Qwerks Toys to enjoy the highest-quality pet toys and products around!

Choosing the Best Dog Toys

Choosing the Best Dog Toys

Have you tried different brands of best Dog Toys and you were never satisfied with them to the extent that you feel like giving up? Do not give up just yet because there are still some strong and best toys out there! You just have to find them! They come in varieties of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Did you know that dogs tend to like toys of a particular color? Experts say that everyone has their own personal favorite color when it comes to toys. So, try out all the different colors and figure out what color your pet prefers.

Best Dog Toys

Firstly, make sure you have a good assortment of dog toys for your dog to enjoy. It will get bored with the same one or two toys each day, so just give it one or two a day and rotate the toys to arose its interest. Make sure you choose quality toys for your dog to avoid accidental suffocation and to ensure that they are long lasting.

Secondly, get your dogs a new toy when the previous toys get dirty. Dogs behave like children sometimes; they tend to enjoy new toys and they also want to show them to their friends too. So, once your dog has fouled up a toy, they would really appreciate something new to play with. And if you take your dog to the park, bring it favorite toys along so that they can socialize with other dogs. Socializing with toys is very important because it reduces the chance of the dog feeling lonely. It also gives you a break from chasing your dog around and it makes them happy too. So, let your dog be cool and let it show off his or her favorite toy. Your pet will be so popular when it is carrying these toys around such that every dog will want to play with yours.

Interactive Dog Toys

The best dog toys are needed for each dog in order to prevent harm and to allow exercise. Dogs are descendants of wild wolves and they behave like them when they hunt for their food. Your dog still possesses these instincts. So, buy toys that have food in them to avoid your dog hunting you. Dogs generally love to pounce on their toys and make the toys looks like prey, so ensure the toys you acquire is very strong. It is very important to observe if your dog is playing rough with their toys too. Without toys, your dog can get into the trash and chew on plastic that he or she might swallow, and it will damage its mouth, teeth or stomach.

You need to experiment with different kinds of toys to find the preferences of your dog such as color. Some dogs enjoy the harder and softer toys, while others enjoy the softer and louder toys. Also, if you have more than a dog at home, you might want to buy the same toys for each dog.

With what we have discussed regarding dog toys, you will not have problems making the right choice.

Best Dog Toys