Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Summer Fun with Your Furry Friend

Summer’s here, and you’ve dug out your outfits from the closet ready for some serious basking. Plan to include your four-legged friend in your fun. Including your dog in family activities creates a better bond between you and your dog, and helps the dog get familiar with new environments.

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Fun in the park

Plan a picnic basket with you and your pet’s lunch and spend the afternoon together. If your dog has been trained to play off leash, you can allow him to go treasure hunting in the park as you read a favorite book under a shade.

Fun in the beach

Find dog-friendly beaches around your area and take your dog out for some fun in the water. Take a stroll or even a run on the sandy beaches together. Be careful not to overdo on the exercises to avoid overheating. If there are no beaches around your area, plan for a short vacation on one if your budget allows it, and take your furry friend with you.


If outdoor activities are your thing, include your dog in your plans. Some camping sites allow dogs on site off-leash, and these are the ones you can aim for. Take long strolls in the evening when its cool. Explorethesite and play games together. It will do your dog a lot of good, especially if he spends most of his days indoors. In way of exercise, you won’t have to take him for his daily walks; the strolls you take together are more than enough. The excitement as he tears in and out of the thickets is enough reward for your efforts.

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If you have a backyard, even a small one, you can play games outdoors with your dog. Bury some treasure for the dog to retrieve and watch as the hunter in him comes to life.Reward him with a treat every time he is able to bring the treasure to you. Better still, bury a bone he can enjoy after retrieving it.

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