Successful Ways to Achieve Dog Park Etiquette

There are some basic guidelines that should be taken into consideration when bringing your dog to a dog park. Training your dogs to behave and enjoy in the park in different ways is very important to keep them out of trouble.This can be done by training your dog to focus and interact with you through games. This would avoid rude behaviour such as your dog mobbing or sprinting up to other dogs that enter the park.

If your dog has a tendency to steal toys or even crowd other dogs who are playing with toys,train your dog to come when called before he gets into problem situations.Call your dog over to you and engage him in replacement behaviours before he gets overly rough with others. Once your dog is with you, keep him engaged with you, then release him to play again. Avoid overly rough games is also a must.

This would cause for more misbehaviour of your dog. Your dog should learn to play and focus on you instead of needing to play with other dogs. These are just a few important tips for training and supervising your dogs. With these vital skills you and your dog and the other park participants can have an enjoyable and good experience at the dog park.

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Here’s are some more things to take note of: DO’s and DONT’s at the Dog Park


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Successful Ways to Achieve Dog Park Etiquette

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