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How to Stop a Puppy from Crying at Night

How to Stop a Puppy from Crying at NightThere are several reasons why your puppy maybe crying at night. Especially if you just got them, the new surrounding maybe unfamiliar to them and your puppy will take time to settle down. They may also be suffering from separation anxiety if they are separated from their mother and family. Your puppy may also cry excessively at night due to loneliness and fear. So here are a few things you can do to stop them from crying through the night:

  • Keep them company throughout the day, play with them so that they get tired and sleep well at night. Make sure you don’t let your puppy sleep just before bed time. Keeping them active the whole day will help them go to sleep instantly without having to create a fuss about new surroundings or being alone.
  • Make sure you feed them well before bed time so that they get time to piss and poop. If you will feed them just before bed time, they will probably have a full bladder soon and would want to pee at least once through the night. Remember the only way for your puppy to get your attention is to cry. This may be another reason why they’d cry at night until you get to them to help them out.
  • If possible for the first few days at least, let your puppy sleep in the room with you. Many times puppies cry because they are lonely or afraid at night. Allowing them to sleep close to you will not only strengthen the bond but will also help them sleep better at night. However, don’t let them sleep in your bed. They can sleep in a crate on the floor or in a soft dog bed.
  • You can also play some soft music to calm your puppy down. It works in many cases. Especially if it’s the first night of your puppy at yours, play soothing tunes to calm them and help them fall asleep at night. Research shows, soft music helps relieve your puppies stress levels hence enabling them to sleep better.
  • If your puppy is generally normal at night, but is crying at a certain time only, make sure to check if they are sick, need to go to the bathroom or if something is disturbing them.

Your puppy just needs a little love and training in the beginning to get through the night. Be smart about when you feed them, where you let them sleep and how you treat them initially in order to make them as comfortable as possible.

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