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Stop Making these Mistakes : Dog owner Guide

Stop Making these Mistakes : Dog owner Guide

Living with a dog can be a wonderful experience, they are always ready to show their affection, support, and attention. Most dogs are very intelligent and know how to get what they want. The problem is when they are allowed to do some things that they shouldn’t. This way dogs can develop certain behaviors that are problematic for both the owner and the animal.

Read the list of the 10 most common mistakes newbies often make when it comes to their dogs:

1. Not enough exercise

The dogs need exercise every day so they stay fit and healthy. Irregular exercise can lead to obesity and various health problems. The amount of exercise depends on the breed and size of the dog, but veterinarians recommend that dogs walk at least 30 minutes each day.

2. The food bowl is always full

It is easiest to fill his bowl with food and then not have to worry about when he needs to be fed again. The opinion of most owners is that the dog will eat alone when hungry! However, this is a misconception, as most dogs eat everything in the bowl. It is recommended that the dog be fed moderately every day so that the calorific value of the food ingested is also monitored.

3. The dog walks the owner

Many dogs walk their owners at their discretion, not the other way around. The best way to solve this problem is to enroll your dog in basic obedience training so that he can learn to walk properly on a leash.

4. Dog socialization and training does not start early

Puppies need to be socialized and trained from birth to be good adult dogs later. The first seven weeks of a dog’s life are crucial to his or her development, and it is then necessary to have as much human interaction as possible. This allows them to learn to trust people, and this is usually achieved mainly through playing with dogs. When you get a puppy or a young dog, then it is up to you to pay enough attention to it, and as a new owner, continue to socialize and play with it as well as training.

5. No basic rules have been established

Dogs do not distinguish between good and bad unless you learn them. New owners need to set certain rules for the dog to act following them. This includes scratching furniture, jumping, breaking the house, etc. If you have problems training your dog, you should consult a professional trainer.

6. The dog is left alone for an extended period

Dogs don’t like to be left alone for long periods. However, the owners will spend part of the day at work, so the dog will then be left alone, which can lead to various unwanted behavior. If you can, come home for lunch to take a walk with your dog. If that is not possible, hire a sitter who will do it for you.

7. Resent the dog if he or she makes an emergency in the home

Sometimes it happens that the dog is peeing or popping in your apartment. One thing you shouldn’t do is scold him because he didn’t do it on purpose, it was an accident. The best way is to tell him, good boy’’ once he poops outside. In this way, the dog will learn where is best to do his, work’’.

8. Allow the dog to eat leftover food from the table

Dogs are great at begging for food after lunch, so some owners can’t refuse them. However, this is a bad habit that should be carefully rooted because the meal may become unbearable for you.

9. Neglecting dental health

Many think that “dog smell” is a normal thing. Halitosis is indeed a sign of some kind of tooth disease. It may be something as simple as the accumulated deposits on their teeth. However, if you don’t check what it is, some of the periodontal diseases that lead to tooth loss and even systemic diseases (kidney function, heart disease) may occur.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck to everybody who just got a new pet! The journey has begun ….Read more on our pet site.

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