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How to Stop your Dog from Pulling on a Walk

Whether your dog is big or small, here are some ways to improve your dog’s behavior:

Customize your attitude

First ask yourself, “What would I like if he or she were to do it?” Instead of instructing a dog to stop pulling, consider how you teach your dog to walk well with him/her.

Remember that it’s all about rewards.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to teach a dog to walk on a strap is to encourage a dog to pay attention and to be in the right position (next to you or to you) when you go for a walk.

If you are worried about spoiling your puppy’s food, you can use dehydrated dog foods or freeze dried dog food from daily meals of puppies. This will help ensure that you do not transfer over the dog, and at the same time provide tasty incentives for good behavior.

Play the game “Follow Me”.

Hold the strap and take a few steps back from your dog. The return movement is attractive, so your dog will probably turn you and follow you. Say yes! When your dog comes near you, reward her with a gift.

“The game helps your dog to focus and go with you,” says one expert. Then go back a few steps in the other direction. Say again! How your dog fits and rewards it with a gift. Repeat this form eight to twelve times, until your dog starts to actively drive you while you are moving.

Practice regular walks.

As soon as you start walking, every time your dog watches or walks beside you, say “yes!” And immediately reward it with food.

Reward often.

“Frequent awards will help your dog find out more quickly what kind of behavior they are seeking and ease learning,” explains one expert.

“To work out for this job is to first use very special treats and maintain a high level of reinforcement, which means you often get points and reward, perhaps every 4-5 steps at the beginning, for all “good “.

Over time, you can reduce the reinforcement rate and less reward your dog while walking, adds Fraser.

Consider the possibility of additional assistance

“If your dog is already an experienced walker, consider purchasing high-quality safety belts on the front to provide additional control over walks,” the expert recommends.

Finally, remember that walking on the strap is a skill that requires time and practice for the pet and dog, so keep in mind the improvements and additional successes!

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