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Steps to Cutting Cat Nails

Steps to Cutting Cat Nails

It is quite important to trim your cat’s nails, especially if they are in a habit to knead or scratch. It is quite easy to do so once you get your cat used to the whole process. Here are a few steps to go about it.

1. Wait for a time when your cat is relaxed and be gentle. Start with petting their paws and caressing them in their favourite spots.

2. Hold your cat’s paws in place and flip your hand around so that the bottom of their paws are exposed on the palm of your hand. Keep massaging your cat’s paws while you are at it.

3. As your cat becomes comfortable with you holding their paws in place. Squeeze them between your hands to hold the paws firmly.

4. Hold your cat in the right position. Their rear should be on your lap and their back towards you.

5. You will be able to thick part of the nail with a pink flushed area underneath. This known as the quick and has blood vessels. Assess it properly before you begin trimming nails.

6. It is important to use the right tools. You would require a nail clipper or you can also use scissor clippers. Make sure your clippers are sharp so that your cat doesn’t feel much and the nails get cut quickly and easily.

7. You will have to be more patient than your cat. If they try to fuss around, don’t retaliate or scream at your cat. It might just make the whole experience scary for your cat and they might even scratch you in the process.

8. After trimming your cat’s nails, make sure to give them a treat. Treat them with a chicken piece, or the food that they really like. This will leave some pleasant memories with them and they will be more cooperative the next time.

9. Keep a check on your cat’s nails regularly and make sure they don’t grow too long.

10. If your cat is really fussy about trimming nails, you can use someone’s help to hold your cat while you trim their nails quickly.

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