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Speedy Canines – Best Dog Breeds For Agility


Dog agility is a passionate sport in which the training and handling of dogs are put to the test. Racing against time, pet owners instruct their canines to perform challenging exercises, aiming that their pet will be the fastest on course. These challenging exercises include pole weaving, tunnel running, and hurdle jumping.

Agility competitions are becoming extremely popular, and while any dog is welcome to give it a shot, some dog breeds are naturally suited to these competitions. Generally, if the dog comes from a working breed and has a medium build, its odds of winnings are much better as compared to other dogs. Physically active and dogs full of energy are most successful in agile competitions.

Breeds like boxers and bulldogs may not do very well in activities that require heavy breathing, and short-legged dachshunds may face difficulties with jumping exercises. Let’s have a look at some of the best dog breeds for agility.

Border Collie

Border Collie is one of the best go-to agility companions. This is because this breed is a complete package with speed, intelligence, drive, and trainability. Though they can be shy with new things, Border Collie’s are a true joy to work with if you are dedicated to training them.

Shetland Sheepdog

This breed is shockingly fast and intense for such a small, fluffy package. They aren’t always as fast as other breeds but are surely one of the smartest and most trainable breeds. For people who are happy to compete in smaller height classes, shetland will be a great agility companion.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are a bit bigger than Border Collies and one of the most photogenic breeds out there. The breed is bred for learning complex herding behaviors, listening to owners in distracting scenarios, and working all day on the farm. Australian Shepherds are both intelligent and outgoing.

Jack Russel Terrier

The breed makes a powerful showing in the small-dog class of agility. Terriers are both spunky and athletic and do very well with motivational training methods. Its low slung body and innate muscular make it a perfect choice for fast agility competitions. Jack Russels love digging, adventures, and often require a skilled trainer.

Golden Retriever

There is absolutely nothing that Golden Retrievers can’t do. They are shockingly fast for their size, and love learning and training. They often make appearances at the highest level of agility competitions.

The breed is a complete package as they are friendly and loving yet work-oriented and smart when given a task.


This small and fluffy breed is astonishingly smart and fast. Some trainers claim that papillon is just as smart, and fast as Border Collies and are surprisingly athletic.

Papillons are trainable, driven, spunky, and enthusiastic training buddies. Although small in size, papillons have found great success in the performing ring.


Poodles of all sizes are athletic, trainable, and intelligent. They have their roots in hunting and can hold their own brains and brawn. They compete well with the herding breeds as far as intelligence is concerned but lack stranger-danger tendencies. Poodles get attached to their trainers, which makes them easy to train.


Whippets are fast, which is why running is best that they do. They are bred for racing and lure coursing and tend to be more handler-oriented as compared to other sighthound breeds. But it is also true that they can be a little trickier to train than your average herding dog.

Whippets understand well that speed is the name of the game and are very friendly and cuddly. Believe us when we say that there is nothing better than seeing a whippet in a full sprint.

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