Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Special Care for Dogs Adopted from the Shelter

Although dogs from the shelter are not that much different from any other pets acquired from elsewhere, they do require some special attention. These pets have had to deal with a change in environment; in their former homes they probably were used to having freedom to roam freely in the house but now they have to stay in cages. In the shelter they also have to meet and live with many dogs and adapt to a new routine. If you have been to boarding school you understand the confusion one feels the first few days after reporting, and that’s probably how the dogs brought to shelters feel.

Since the dog misses her former owner, try and spend a lot of time with her. If you are in a position to share your bed do so to make her feel loved, and if not put her sleeping arrangements in your bedroom so she feels close to you at night and that she is still wanted.

Before leaving the shelter ask the workers there which food she is used to. Give the same food to her when you get home for the first few days and if you want to change her diet introduce the new food gradually. If the dog is overweight introduce her gently to exercise to keep her at a healthy weight and avoid overfeeding her.

Establish an exercise routine for the new pet whether she is overweight or not. Exercise keeps a dog healthy both physically and mentally. A well-exercised dog is happy and easy to deal with whereas a dog that lacks exercise gets involved in all types of mischief because she is not tired. Exercise also keeps her from gaining excess weight that can lead to problems related to being overweight.

Some dogs adopted from shelters may have behavioural issues due to poor handling by their former owners. The shelter will let you know which issues to look out for in case you want a dog that happens to have them. Remember no behaviour is too hard to rectify with the right training. Be patient in your training and give consistent commands. Let other family members know which commands you have decided to train your dogs on so that you don’t give her mixed signals which can only confuse her.

The shelter will try their level best to give you a dog that is groomed but they are dealing with many other dogs. To give your new pet a perfect look you might want to take her to a professional groomer to give her a makeover. Also, it is important to take her to a vet you have chosen for her to get a check up and get a clean bill of health.

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