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How Smart is Your Cat? 7 Signs Your Cat is Intelligent

How Smart is Your Cat? 7 Signs Your Cat is Intelligent

Cat owners are always aware of how smart cats are. They are slightly rebellious, though; however, their intelligence overweighs that. Even though the size of a cat’s brain is way smaller than that of a dog, their relative brain-size cannot determine which one is the smartest between them. A cat’s brain is highly similar to that of a human being and thus, they can respond, manipulate and calculate their actions much more wisely and thoroughly.

Cats can plan, solve problems, process information, retain memory and make responsible decisions because of a higher number of nerve cells in their brains. All these factors are enough to prove that cats are, in fact, intelligent.

They have high cognitive learning-capabilities, that makes them much more crafty and active, and they know how to use information or play with the emotions of their human-friends, to their own benefit.

Cats are very good at retaining both short-and long-term memories. All this helps them in retaining the minutest of information, such as their dinner-time or how they are supposed to have a plan of action. For all these and many more reasons, cat intelligence has been a subject of vast research and studies.

Smartest Cat Breeds

Even though it is difficult to accurately calculate cat intelligence, people can determine it by keeping a check on actions displayed by their cats. These curious creatures are quite clever and witty at doing things, as opposed to how timid they would look at times.

Here are some of the smartest cat breeds in the world:

1. Siamese Cat

With its origin from Thailand and China, the Siamese Cats are a curious and inquisitive creature. They love to play and show affection to their masters. They are also pretty good at displaying emotions and make it a point to let their owners know when they crave for attention and when they don’t.

2. Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtail Cats originate from Japan. They have an extremely short tail, similar to that of a rabbit. One of their most prominent characteristics is that they have a very melodious voice and know how to keep their owners enticed and delighted with it.

3. Bengal Cat

Originating from The United States of America, Bengal cats are glorious looking creatures with a golden shimmered body and marbled patches all over their coat. They look similar to a leopard. They are highly active, joyful and know how to grab attention and affection through their intelligence.

7 Signs That Your Cat is Intelligent

Here are a few characteristics that a cat may show which can determine its intelligence:

1. It will come up with new ways to solve the same problem, every time it comes across a problem. It likes to change and bring out more unique ways of solving or interpreting the same situation and will do so effectively and with full enthusiasm.

2. If a cat-toy is hidden, the cat is smart enough to identify and find it in the shortest span of time. It will not act remorse over it and will try its best to try and locate it in as many places as possible. It is witty enough to determine that the toy is hidden and not lost.

3. The cat will always remind its owner whenever it is time for it to eat food, or clean out any mess it has created, or remind its owner to give it fresh water. It remembers it’s dinner time and ensures it informs the master about it.

4. It knows how to grab the attention of its master to either get a task done for itself, or when it raves for love and affection. It will do actions to tell their masters how it would like its masters to stroke itor play with it.

5. If it does not like something, be it food or the fact that its owner’s attention is divided, it will make sure it displays its feelings and emotions about the same. It turns grumpy, impatient, frustrated and also tries to emote its feelings with the help of its claws.

6. A cat is smart enough to stay away from its potential predators. If it knows that a certain situation would not be the best for it to face, it would stay away from it. It also avoids coming across animals that may turn out to be dangerous for it.

7. The level of curiosity a cat displays is also directly proportional to how intelligent it may be. It shows curiosity out of the habit and behavior of staying away from its predators or from the terror of getting hunted down.

Moreover, it is important to determine a cat’s intelligence quotient; it is important to ensure that it is healthy, that it takes a balanced diet, and is given proper nutrition and also has a healthy lifestyle.

As long as a cat stays and feels healthy, it will be able to emote intelligent emotions. It will plan its actions only when it is mentally stable. It will be able to escape from its predators only when it is active and in the habit of running.

A very crucial step is to surround a cat with interactive toys and products that facilitate its growth, both mentally and physically. Some of the toys that can be bought for a cats, in order to ensure it learns and grows, while it is also entertained, are:

1. Cat Babble Balls Interactive Cat Toy

An interactive toy that makes up to 6 different sounds to keep a cat entertained for hours. A cat can pounce over the toy, it can chase it and can also play with it, with its owners. It provides the right amount of physical movements to a cat as well.

2. Flavor Infused Doggy and Cat IncrediBubbles

Made out of non-toxic materials, it is friendly to chew on. It is infused with the flavour of peanut butter to provide an extra fun element to a cat. It is suitable for both cats and dogs and can be used as a medium for them to bond over.


The level of intelligence in a cat should not determine the love and affection an owner must have towards it. Even if a cat does not display the above mentioned signs of intelligence, it will always be there to cuddle up and play with. It will love its masters, despite its intelligence or unintelligence.

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