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Simple Steps to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Simple Steps to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Your dog is such a big part of the family, and it is your job to look out for their health just as you would any other member of your family. While you may be showering them with love, treats and cuddles, you may not actually be making the best choices to support the healthiest lifestyle. Consider taking these five steps to improve their health and you will likely add years to their beautiful life with you and your family.

Monitor Their Nutrition

You probably are not surprised to learn that your pet’s health is significantly impacted by their diet. A few simple changes that you can make are monitoring their nutrition and making better choices. You must give them the necessary nutrients in their food and options that do not provide unnecessary calories. Consider an option like nutra thrive that can offer online reviews. Not all foods will offer your furry family member the same benefits and human food and treats can offer a lot of unhelpful calories. It is even more important to note that some human foods can actually be harmful to our pets. By introducing a healthier version of their food, limiting their intake of human snacks and reducing the number of treats they consume, you can see changes in energy, mood and behavior.

Introduce Supplements When Appropriate

There will be times when introducing supplements into your dog’s diet may be necessary. Whether they are not getting enough particular nutrients or if they are having dietary issues, your vet may suggest incorporating certain supplements to aid their diet. This will not take the place of a healthy diet but will be an additional support to a healthy life.

Manage Their Weight

Your dog’s life is highly influenced by the choices that you make, and these choices can have a major impact on their health and well-being. This is particularly influential when it comes to their weight. Managing a healthy weight can be a major factor in your dog’s well-being, as pets that exceed their recommended weight can be at an increase for major health risks, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These serious risks can shorten your pet’s life expectancy substantially and reduce their quality of life. While handing off that small table scrap may seem like a great idea at the moment, it is important to remember that satisfying their sad eyes is not worth diminishing their quality of life and your choice in this matter.

Increase Playtime and Exercise

Very similarly to us, our canine companions require exercise and engagement. Our pets need to get their exercise to reduce their risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of behavioral issues. By encouraging a love of play through enthusiastic engagement with our pets, we can bond with them and create an environment where they can thrive. Another benefit of getting your dog exercising is that whether you walk or run with your dog, that exercise requires you to also be moving which, in turn, will improve your health and well-being.

Schedule Regular Visits to the Vet

Our pups will need to visit their doctor regularly just as we need to have annual visits to the doctor to assess our general well-being. Yearly trips allow us to check-in and create a baseline for what is normal, address issues as they come up and ask questions of the health provider. This also must be done to ensure a healthy life for our dogs. Annual trips to the vet will ensure that our dogs are being checked frequently for irregularities which prove necessary in the case that any issues come up. If you are not taking your dog to the vet annually, this is an easy change to make.

Pets are a special relationship that is like no other. If we want to offer them the love and support that they offer us, we need to make every effort to support a healthy life. This is very dependent on the choices we make, so take these five simple steps and create the best possible circumstances for your furry family member.

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